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An unexpected haul of very fine clothing....

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previously i asked you guys about different labels, but i recently picked up about 320K retail worth of Attolini, Barbera, Isaia, Belvest, Borrelli, Armani Collezione, Cifonelli, Incotex, Lorenzini, Varvatos specialized pieces (peacoats, suede jeans), including about 175 shirts, 160 ties, 40 or 50 pants and some suits a few tuxes and some outerwear and some other things in there. Very beautiful stuff that was unexpected..
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Awesome. I hope you have some smaller sizes available somewhere in that motherlode... or I will be a very sad person
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320K... just wow. And I nearly had a heart attack the first time I made a ~$500 clothing purchase for stuff to resell on eBay. Anyway, now that you made this post, you're expected to show us your haul and hook us up (here's hoping you have some stuff in 38R) .
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Put up some eBay auctions or pictures of stuff you got w/ measurements
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Looking forward to seeing the goods, I'm sure you'll find some takers among the styleforum rabble. -Pete (42r, 16-34, 11d, likes woven 7-fold ties and long walks on the beach)
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it is all shipping to me now, and should be here tues or wed. it takes me about 10 days to get it all out, sort, photo and upload. sounds like a long time, but the inventory sheets are about 50 pages long if that tells you how many individual items there are.
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Can you send me an email or PM when you finish sorting everything? Highly interested. Thanks. Jon.
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PM me if you have any single-breasted tuxedos in a 40R. Thanks. And I'm sure that we would love to see the inventory sheets just as a teaser...
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What is your ebay name so that I can look at what you have?
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shoreman1782-- LOL. Mike
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kidkim - ha. pennyroyal - As discostu said, he won't have the haul up for at least a few days. I appreciate his effort, his stuff is top quality, he is a responsive seller, and the prices are excellent. His ebay store is here. He also has a website at http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com. They're worth checking out even before his new stuff gets up there. Edit: I realize I sound like an ad. I'm unaffiliated, and I have bought from Mr. stu before (excellent Jil Sander pants). Plus, every Simpsons watcher knows "Disco Stu doesn't advertise."
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thanks for the ad for me shoreman, yep discostu likes disco music. also, just talked to my dallas store today and there's close to 200K of mens and i'm getting women's also, so there will be close to $1.3M worth of retail goods when all is said and done, the most i've ever had
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Hey discostu, I know I've mentioned this before, but would it be possible for forum members to just see the inventory sheets, just to whet our appetites a little? I know that you used to excel everything - that, just that, would be great for now.
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Also, just now found out there is $106,000 worth of women's clothing coming too, so if any of you guys have gals who like the ultra high end stuff, i'll have that too. (buying a few things for the gals makes it easier for them to accept a new pair of shoes and 15 pants being bought by you
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I second the suggestion of posting the excel sheets.
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