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Mercer and Sons

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I've lurked a bit on askandy, and I noticed that Mercer and Sons was a brand of shirt that was often recommended. As I am a pretty slim guy, I was wondering about their "full cut". I have been pondering a purchase for about the last 2 months. Does anyone have pictures to confirm how much fullness to expect?
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I don't have a pic, but from everything I've heard and seen, they're big. However, and alterations tailor can take in the side seams for very little money. I've had it done before.
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You can also ask Dave Mercer to make a slimmer fit shirt for you. Yes, the regular shirts are fuller in comparison to a typical Brooks Brothers shirt of the same size.
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How much can a tailor take in? I have never really used a tailor to take in the side seams, so I could try that. Another problem to factor in is that I have a size 16 neck in a 14.5 body which means that when I buy a shirt to fit my neck, it looks really bad at the waist. I heard that Mercer was open to using a smaller size body(eg. a 15 body for a 16 neck) for big-necked people like me. Still, awaiting on pictures...
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Unless you are a freak of nature resembling a Pez dispenser (I don't think you least, I hope not!), the tailor can take in more than you will need. There are no things like side pockets, darts, etc. to be concerned with, unlike a coat. However, I hadn't even considered gracian's idea of asking Mercer to do it from the beginning...probably better.
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Sorry about the flurry of questions, but can a tailor also take in the sleeve width?
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Why buy a shirt that has to be tailored every which way?

Try custom...Or quite a few slim fits can be found online for a more reasonable price.
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