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Saks house label suits

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Didn't know until recently that they had (still have?) their own house label suits. Are these quality?
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Can't answer specifically about Saks suits/jackets. However, I have been impressed by the quality of Saks label shirts and sweaters -- I've got a few of each and they seem to be very good quality -- both the stitching/buttons and the fabrics. I'd expect the suits to be at the same level -- comparable to Hickey-Freeman I would guess.
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The Saks private label tailored clothes are not at the quality level of Hickey Freeman. As far as I have seen, they have no handwork, whereas I believe HF does have hand-set collars, sleeve-heads, and a basted chest piece.
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Saks had their own factory for Many years. Fashions for men by Dominc Verti(Verdi). It was on west 15th street in NYC. They made a beautiful suit. RTW and MTM. The factory has been gone for many years. I don't know who does the private label. Gittman used to do the private label shirts. Don't know if they still do.
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