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Average price paid for shoes

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I know this is tough for you budding Imelda Marcoses, but remember to average all your dress shoes (not sneakers, slippers, hiking shoes, or boat shoes), not just your favorites or best ones.
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I've averaged about $400/pair of shoes.  I'm ususally to be found in a pair of C&J hand-grade dress shoes, unless of course I'm feeling a bit more dandyish than usual, then I'll opt for my EG's.  The few pairs of EG RTW that I've added to my wardrobe have brought the average up just a bit.  I'm still looking to add the JL Philippe, black perf tip bal, and a pair or two of Vass oxfords on the U last, both RTW of course, to my collection.   I've always been a staunch suit-man, but have become, over the past year, an aficionado of both shoes and hats, as well.  Divorce lawyers have taken to camping on my front lawn (no affront to our lawyer friends intended.).  Who could deny, as in Boswell's Life of Johnson, "When a man is tired of"...Savile Row... "he is tired of life"?  Okay, so I've taken a literary liberty:-)
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My reply to this has been somewhat skewed by the fact that I have been buying all my shoes at the Allen-Edmonds outlet store in Cabazon, California. Getting seconds and closeouts, I have been buying their shoes that normally retail for $265 to $285 for about $129-$167. On only one pair of seconds that I bought has the flaw been noticeable enough to make me feel a little rueful. I'll go on another rampage when their sale starts next week, then divert my wardrobe monies in other directions. Aldens and C&J Benchmades may be a bit bitter than A-E's (most of the forum shoe mavens think so, anyway), but when it comes to value for the money, the A-E outlet store can't be beaten.
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I used to buy a lot of Allen-Edmonds shoes, and I must say that I never once had a complaint with the quality. The choice of styles is also most impressive.
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The average cost is b/w $600 - $800 Aust. l have enough shoes now so l will look at spending an average of $1,100 Aust on a shoe in future ie; Edward Green, Cleverley, Stefano Brachini etc. All the shoes l want are over $1,000 [damn it]. l will look at ebay sometime soon.
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The most I ever spent on a pair of shoes was $365 on my Audleys (before the price increase on Plal.) However, I must say that getting great shoes is easier for me than getting great suits - despite my diminutive stature, I possess two perfect size 7D's (US) at the ends of my legs. My next goal is a pair of those wonderful Vass medallion oxfords on the U last.
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l find that this is a really odd topic. Are we adjusting the prices [paid] subject to CPI and inflation??? For eg; a $500 pair 10 years ago would now be $800. l am adjusting my figures according to inflation and the GST tax introduced (in Australia) 4 years ago. Unless you actually know the date of purchase [of your shoes] and the going rate of inflation at the time, you will not get a very accurate gross dollar amount. For eg, if you bought all your Lobbs 40 years ago then, you average price paid will be $100 (a guess). See; this question is like comparing chalk and cheese: you can't compare prices on multiple time-periods unless you adjust for inflation. lt's the only way doc, otherwise the answers to your question will be invalid. l would like this question removed from public viewing as l find it very misleading, vexing and highly inapropiate. A question such as this needs a set of rules to follow in a game plan (eg, adjustment rates) with a tightly supervised structure in which the public members answer this question. You need to lay the ground rules for this one doc.
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l would like this question removed from public viewing as l find it very misleading, vexing and highly inapropiate.
You know, you can always choose not to vote.
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Marc is of course right, I meant the price one pays on average in January 1, 2004 American dollars. I am truly sorry not to have specified this detail. I think the topic is reasonable, but if anyone is offended, he can of course decline to answer. We are only selecting 3 non-responders at random and beheading them, so you will probably get away with it.
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I have 7 pairs : 2 standard Church's = 350 euros (4 years ago) 1 master class Church's = 500 euros 4 Westons = 420 euros Average = 400 euros
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l'm not offended by any means. lt is a funny question, that's all. No hard feelings.
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