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Has everyone gone comfy shoe mad?

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I cannot stand light "comfy" shoes. Whenever I am out and about, I often head into well know shoes stores and check out their models. I went out this week and found some great styles, italian made and even Allen Edmonds. From first look, not bad, but when I picked them up, I had to throw them back on the shelf. They were too light!

Surely a gentleman likes a good heavy solid shoe on his foot to pound the pavement with rather than the latest geox, comfy tech, sponge this and that, floating air shoes that makes your feet feel like they are in a pair of sandals?

Call me old fashioned..........

Anyone else share the same desire for a real piece of oomph on their feet?
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STP has the shoe for you ...,...d-For-Men.html

In all seriousness, I think you'll find that a lot of folks here share your aversion to shoe gimmicks. But do I read your post correctly that AEs are too light for you? That's a bit hard to believe!
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It may have been a particular style of AE that I came across. I have my eye on the AE Delray. But these keep swinging back into view
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Here is a real man's shoe!

English John McHale and very heavy but surprisingly comfortable.
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No, I can't say that heavy shoes for discomfort's sake hold any appeal for me.

I generally only buy shoes that are goodyear welted so they are naturally going to be heavier but after that extra weight is, all things being equal, a disadvantage.
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The ultimate light, airy, comfy shoe IMO is the one and only shoe to wear.

A steal at $29.99.
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Yes, everyone has gone comfy shoe mad. Too light? I am unsure of that. I think the advantage of a 'comfy shoe' is its lightness. Milan Kundera would love them.

But while some of these models may be too light and, I think, really pugly, they do have their place. I like to wear 'comfy shoes' when I travel and when I am at a convention. For me, those two places a 'heavy shoe' would be a disservice.
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I know what you mean about the reassurance of a nice heavy oomph, but when I want that I'll put on a pair of boots. I find overly heavy dress shoes slightly odd. I guess I'm just used to heavier shoes going above the ankle.
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