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Olympics - anyone watching it

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ls anyone else watching the olympics [in their spare time] or is it just me. l love watching the olympics and doing style-forum and Ask Andy [at the same time]. ls anyone else like me??? Go Australian swimmers.  
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Been watching for the past few hours. Can't wait for the women's beach volleyball
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ha. that's awesome.  for the opening ceremonies, i setup my laptop in front of the TV and was "window shopping" during the parade of nations. the Olympics rule. -Jeff
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I watched the PGA Championship today. Does anyone ever get excited when Vijay Singh wins? The olympic are ok, I've been watching them anyway. It seems like a new world record is set in every event. Doesn't seem like anyone is Greece is watching them either; the stadiums are empty.
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Doesn't seem like anyone is Greece is watching them either; the stadiums are empty.
Today was Assumption Day, a holy day in the Greek Orthodox Church.  Most people spent the day in church or with their families. I, for one, love the Olympics.  It's a chance to watch sports that are not usually shown in the United States.  I'm a big fan of volleyball and likie to play pick up games with my buddies, so to watch professionals play it is great.  I'm a fan of gymnastics also.  There is something about the human form and how gracefully people can move.  Plus, there is no way I'd ever be able to perform even the simpliest gymnastics move (I can't walk across a balance beam, let alone do flips and handsprings from it. ) so I'm in awe of how these people can do what they do.  It can get a little repetitive, however, and the announcers can get very annoying. In the endm though, it's refreshing to see people play a sport because of their love for it and the pride of their country.  Hearing about million dollar contracts and loads of selfishness everyday on ESPN and other sports networks blinds you to many people who train and work hard everyday for no money, but the ability to walk into a stadium, wave their country's flag, and the chance to win only a medal.
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My favourite events are: weightlifting, gymnastics, diving and swimming.
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Not me, somebody please wake me ... yaawwwwnnnn.
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And how about the Iraq soccer team, beating Portugal must've been so sweet.
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yes this past sunday was the assumption of the virgin mary and one of the most important orthodox religious days, however, the stadiums are dead empty regardless some events have sold out that interest greek people (swimming, weightlifting) but you have to remember that greece has a small population, the average greek person cannot afford tickets to a mulitple of events so if they go to something, they'll likely buy one event, a final and not a preliminary, and it will be something that they like having said that, no sartorial comments on the athletes parade? canada, usa, and the uk had horrible roots designed clothing; it's nothing more that track suits with country names in my opinion; nice to see that for the most part, the europeans (germans, french, italians etc, wore suits or jackets with dress type pants)
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I have to say that I liked the track suits designed by Roots. I hated, for the most part, the pseudo-collegiate look sported by most of the European teams. One notable exception was the military inspired jackets worn by the Italians (and I think designed by Armani - but it could be another of the big names). I personally would have paired them with a complementary colored (rather than contrasting) pair of pants, but that is me playing stylist.
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i think roots has done better in the past few games, these were not all that exceptional they could have at least used the greek worded ones, they produced a canada shirt spelled in greek, which would have at least had some added interest i sort of like the germans in their neutral beige, i thought it was the army marching in at first glance
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What are the Chinese on? Just like the 2000 Olympics.
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Watched parts of both women's soccer semis today.  If the U.S. and Brazil play up to form, the Thursday final should be a doozy.  I believe it's schedlued for about 2 p.m. New York time.  (Oh, oh. Sorry. Some of you have to work?)
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