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Went shooting today -- friend of mine just put an Eotech holo sight on his AR-15. It was sweet.
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Still waiting for some parts to finish this up, but thought I'd post some pics for you all.

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^ That Steyr AUG is neat. You can actually buy them here?
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Yes. There are three brands out with AUGs or AUG clones, I believe.

Steyr recently started importing their own
MSAR (Microtech, mostly known for their knives) has had models out for a couple of years
TPD - Tactical Product Design - I've never seen one of these in person
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That is a good looking gun! One of my all time favorite
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I left the Australian Army Reserve the year before my unit started to get those F-88 Austyrs

And I love the idea of a left-handed ejection port on a bullpup - woe to any righties who try to shoot my rifle!
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Went to a shooting range for the first time today with my brother and his friend. Shot some pretty cool guns. -m4 with holographic sight -ak-47 -desert eagle .50 cal
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Originally Posted by Serg View Post
^ That Steyr AUG is neat. You can actually buy them here?
Back in the day 1998/99ish I saw one in a local gun store that was set up for sniping. Long ass barrel, big ass scope, bipod. I think they wanted $4500 for it. Edit: Like this one
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Thanks guys. That's a Microtech (MSAR) STG556. The $999 sale from CDNN was too good to pass up. Next steps are to replace the flash hider with an AAC Blackout and install a side rail.
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Bushmaster ACR announcement is up.

They want $2,700 MSRP for the Basic version, and over $3k for the Enhanced version. Are they nuts???

Link to Press Release


Bushmaster® Announces Revolutionary Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR™)
Fully-Modular, Mission-Configurable and Torture Tested

Windham, ME - The Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) was conceived to provide a more reliable, accurate and mission-configurable, American-made rifle platform for today's military, law enforcement agencies and commercial tactical markets. The ACR is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield from close-quarters applications to the long-range marksman; configured in the field without the use of tools. Three American companies - Magpul Industries Corp, Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC (BFI) and Remington Arms Company, Inc. - shared a common design vision to put the best, most versatile rifle into the hands of the US Military. With emerging concept designs and after rigorous testing, Bushmaster, Magpul® and Remington® utilized the strongest materials and components to produce the most innovative and adaptable combat rifle yet - the ACR for military, law enforcement and commercial applications.

The ACR offers the ability to change calibers from 5.56mm/223 Rem to 6.8mm Rem SPC in minutes by swapping the bolt head, barrel and magazine. Barrels, stocks, and accessories can also be changed, without tools, at the user level allowing the ACR to go from a close-quarters battle platform to a designated marksman platform. The ACR gives the operator all of the options needed, while utilizing a superbly reliable gas piston operating system, fire selector capability, a non-reciprocating charging handle and intuitive, ambidextrous controls on a platform that is a natural fit for any operator.

Standard core features of the ACR include 16.5-inch, cold hammer-forged barrel system, featuring proprietary protective coating for enhanced barrel life and maintenance reduction, with quick-change 10.5, 14.5 and 18-inch barrel length options in multiple calibers; A2 "birdcage-type" suppressor for muzzle blast reduction; adjustable, 2-position gas-piston system to support suppressed or unsuppressed firing; hardened internal bearing rails; bolt carrier assemblies for 223.5.56mm NATO to 6.8mm Rem SPC; ambidextrous operator controls for magazine release, bolt catch and release, fire selector and non-reciprocating charging handle; hand guard, lower receiver and stock constructed from a rugged high-impact composite; and to further enhance operation and reduce wear, all action components feature our innovative protective coating.

Added to the core platform features of this fully-adaptable rifle are free-floating MIL-STD 1913 monolithic top rail for optics mounting; enhanced hand guard with heat shield and acceptance of rail inserts; functional lower receiver design with textured magazine well and easily-accessible, modular grip storage; A-frame style stock with rubber butt pad and sling attachment mounts; Magpul MBUS front and rear flip sights; and 30-round PMAG. Mission-ready, all ACR components ship in an oversized, hard case with room for accessory storage.

The Bushmaster ACR for the commercial market is available in the Basic and Enhanced configurations. The additional features for the Enhanced version include an AAC® Blackout™ NSM Flash Hider for exceptional reduction of muzzle flash; multi-functional, three-sided aluminum hand guard with integral MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail; and folding, six-position telescoping composite stock with rubber butt pad, sling attachment mounts and 2-point push button sling. Each configuration of the commercial ACR is offered in a non-reflective, black finish or Coyote Brown (30118). Suggested retail price: Basic $2,685 and Enhanced $3,061.

By combining dedicated, multi-brand research and development; relentless iterations of torture testing; and the most advanced materials available in the market today with Bushmaster's uncompromising commitment to quality construction - the result is the ultimate, fully-modular, combat-adaptable Bushmaster ACR.

[Chart deleted]


Magpul® is a trademark of Magpul Industries Corp. AAC® Blackout™ is a trademark of Advanced Armament Corp.

PLEASE NOTE: Bushmaster will sell the ACR to commercial customers and state and local law enforcement agencies. Initial shipments for the Basic commercial configuration are slated for March 1, 2010; followed by release of the Enhanced commercial version on May, 1, 2010. Versions for the law enforcement community are configured for the unique operators' requirements and restricted for sale. Remington Arms Company, Inc. will sell the Remington branded ACR to US Military, US Federal Agencies and select foreign militaries.

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Yes, yes they are.

They just priced out 75% of the people I've seen excited about the ACR.
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Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer View Post
Bushmaster ACR announcement is up.

They want $2,700 MSRP for the Basic version, and over $3k for the Enhanced version. Are they nuts???

I don't know why, but for some odd reason, I'm not that surprised. I didn't quite think it would cross into the $3k spectrum, but I almost assumed it would cost more $2 grand.
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I didn't - FN SCARs are running $2400ish at gun shows now ($2300 when Bud's Gun Shop has them in stock online). They've got FN's quality control and service, and being used by SOCOM helps sell guns.

This is a new, untested design, backed with Bushmaster service and quality (weak), using a 1/9 barrel (not good if you want to shoot heavier match or self-defense rounds) for more money.

I'm sure they'll sell units to early adopters and Magpul fanboys to start with, but to make serious inroads on the AR market and outsell SCARs, I think this needed to be priced at least a thousand bucks less.
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Loading up for the range today, I noticed a box of Sellier & Bellot .45 I paid $8.95 for and some Blazer Aluminum that cost $4.95
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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
Loading up for the range today, I noticed a box of Sellier & Bellot .45 I paid $8.95 for and some Blazer Aluminum that cost $4.95

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