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That deep tuck thing looks extremely efficient at the "concealed"part.  But two questions from the curious: where do you carry it exactly (I mean where on your waist, not "to the supermarket"), and is that solid, knobbly lump of Kydex comfortable?

It is extremely comfortable. I wear it on my waist, just behind the centerline, in the small of my back.

The holster is made by these guys: Highly recommended. I own 8 of their holsters in various types.
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I'm closing in on the end of my waiting period for my tax stamp for my 300BLK SBR. My birthday's coming up, so I ordered myself a SureFire 762-RC2 from Silencer Shop, since my LGS at home has one of their SID kiosks. Will be about a week and a half until I can get myself and my brother in there to get everything done, but I figured there's no better time to get the ball rolling. If this can was in stock with them before 41f when into effect, I probably would have ordered one then, but it was perpetually out of stock with Silencer Shop.

Ordered my iron sights (the same Troy tritium dioptic I have on my other AR) and the SureFire Warcomp for my build. Probably going to order a 7" BCM KMR rail here soon and wait until I get official notice of the tax stamp before I order the Noveske barrel (constructive intent seems to have a lot of stuff surrounding it, and don't want to get in a sticky situation that is easily avoidable). Hoping to get the engraving done when I'm home and hopefully the assembly at the same time, if the stamp/barrel and the warcomp come in in time. Plus I could hit the Kiosk at the same time and kill two birds with one stone
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Here are a few pictures of my daughter, Mia, who just turned 13. She weighs 61lbs and is 5'0". As you can see the length of pull on the shotgun is to much but she handled herself like a champion.
The match was at Marine Corps Base, Quantico.

Here she is on a different stage with her pistol.

We are trying to compete in, 2 to 3 matches a month, minimum. The kid loves to shoot.
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I have found what may be the perfect combination for long range shooting:

Desert Tech rife with 300 Win Mag barrel.

IOR Crusader scope

The scope goes all the way to 40x magnification, which almost feels like cheating. Glass is as good or better than any scope I've ever used or looked through. 40mm tube is super bright.

What's crazy is that the scope also focuses super close, so I can practice dry fire in my living room, aiming at "targets" in the dining room.

Really loving this combo

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