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Christ I just fired some shit in the reserves. C7 is a dirty assault rifle though. And few have ever fired this puppy lol


Sound like Caustic mighta tho. Let's see..bagged a coyote on the run a few years ago with a .308. That's about it. Sat in a couple deer stands but no dice. No time for that stuff anymore.

*funny story actually I got the lil cayot head taxidermied for shits and giggles. Propped it up in the trunk face-up on delivery. Grab the gf from a store. She has bags to put in the trunk...that scream LOL. Boy that cost me that night. Worth it tho happy.gif
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OK JL, Caustic - some more Sunday browsing:


Seems like a sick deal. Obv this "romeo5" is nowhere near a legit ACOG of course but still seems cool for personal ownership. And SIG is SIG afterall. Apparently 516 is the more hcore tho, h/e reviews praise the 400's reliability. Thoughts?
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Originally Posted by SirReveller View Post

Anyone own? I believe in 'murica ya get the 3" barrel.


As a non-wheelgun owner this is my next purch.

cant go wrong with the 686.

Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

The cobalt blue is a bit gaudy for my taste, but Korth definitely makes exceptional guns. And charges a proportional fee.

korth is making the new Nighthawk revolvers.... MSRP is hitting 3500. Whereas a new korth combat MSRP is around 8K. if i ever get disposable income...i know what my first purchase will be.
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