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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

I am sure they will appeal to the "man who has everything" types. Of course, if you ever did have to shoot anybody with your high-dollar Cabot pistol, no matter how justifiably, there is a near certainty that it will be battered around in a police evidence locker for a good long while and a fair chance that you will never see it again.

this is why my friend sold his Nighthawk. didnt make sense to have it sitting in a safe not seeing any use.
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Damn, Krish. Nice haul. Let's bust some clays when the weather breaks. It would be really fun to do a SF shoot. It could be sporting clays, tactical, IDPA, USPSA. I doubt it will ever happen.
The closet things are my pig roasts , right Krish.

Has anyone be entering the winter 3 gun nation tourney's? I missed Richmond of Valentines weekend. Damn you cupid! Damn you to hell.

streettrash- hostile fire? Please say you are/were in the military, if not you just sound bad.
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Originally Posted by suited View Post

Cabot makes some pricey stuff.

Dumb people's money. One look at the pictures of what they are offering (fake damascus is my fav.) and any sensible individual would know these are guns for Robb
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Hey, what's wrong with you?  Some of those babies have genuine PVD coatings.  

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Hey, what's wrong with you?  Some of those babies have genuine PVD coatings.  

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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

thats a hell of a pickup. Ive been REALLY wanting to pick up a silver pigeon.... seem to fit and feel better to me than most of the other O/Us.

If the Beretta SP (6xx) series fit you well there is a very good chance the B. Rizzini and FAIR (I. Rizzini) guns will also. I own a few of all the above. Browning's do not fit me and feel like a fence post in comparison.


My primary target gun is a Joel Etchen Gun custom SP with EELL wood



But for field carry use a 687 Ultralight, 28" tubes and weighs only 6 pounds in 12 ga.



Although when I'm really serious about killing birds I usually reach for the Benelli Ultralight (BUL). Yes that is a Polychoke hanging off the end of a $1,600 BUL LOL. They do work....



However the 687 UL gets the job done too.


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Aye @JLibourel I have been around the breed more than 30 years now and quite fond of them. The Toller in my avatar sitting in an empty 12 pound keg of Red Dot is now retired from hunting for the last 2 years. The pup in the picture above just turned one last fall when I took the picture. Likely my best hunter so far. If the breeders program goes as expected I will be picking up another one in July and hunting with a brace of Tollers soon. The old boy did OK in his day too though, my only scottish double (2 birds one shot) was with him. It was with the F.A.I.R. shotgun 4 or I guess more like 5 years ago.



When I get drawn for waterfowl in SD we do ducks too, but I go there mainly for pheasants and upland hunt ruff grouse in the Northwoods primarily. Usually as far North as I can without crossing the border. 


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They really are great dogs.



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Interesting. I've heard much good and never anything negative about Tollers. They must be really great dogs.
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Beautiful and tractable with an interesting backstory. The people who hunt them speak highly of them. I've known two and they were cool dogs.



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Yes they are an interesting story, Babe Ruth owned one they have been around a couple hundred years. They almost went extinct about the time I got into them. At the National Specialty last fall the pup did OK, not great in conformation but not terrible either. I don't do the conformation showing if I can help it and when the breeder became ill the #1 Grand Champion breeder\owner Dan Rode showed the pup for me. It is a pretty tight group of great people, and dogs.



Hunt test I do myself, I spend a lot of time every day working with the dogs they need a job. Pup doing Tolling at the National Specialty hunt test. He was the only one to pass the BRT hunt test. Throwing all those dead ducks paid off.



The haul, a lot of work for a few ribbons and a duck band. But it pays off when hunting real birds too. A shotguns best accessory is a good dog IMO.



Been hunting for somewhere around 45 years now, I can train a dog to hunt if there is something to work with. With a Toller sometimes they train you if you're not careful :) I own a lot of really nice shotguns and rifles but my next purchase is an Ithaca 37 pump in 16 ga. with Vent Rib 26" barrel because that is what I grew up with. LOL guess I've come full circle. Although it could be said that I am old school all of my pistols are wheel guns.


Both S&W have been back to the S&W performance shop and the Ruger Match has been worked on by a competition Smith. Eyes aren't what they used to be and I need a big ole glow worm on the end to help me see anymore.


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Originally Posted by Cold Iron View Post

If the Beretta SP (6xx) series fit you well there is a very good chance the B. Rizzini and FAIR (I. Rizzini) guns will also. I own a few of all the above. Browning's do not fit me and feel like a fence post in comparison.

ive been pining for a rizzini for awhile now. We have one that i could get for a pretty damn good price but with as little as i shoot, it would be a waste.
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My great grandfather's Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun. This was most likely a bank guard's gun. Had it restored, it was in rough shape. Very pleased with the results.

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^Interesting, I too have my great-grandfather's Model 1897. It has a 26-inch barrel and a modified choke. It was a very early one. He used to take it out into the deserts of the Southwest when he went prospecting in a buckboard. It was his only gun. It seems like a practical and versatile choice. I also had it refinished.
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