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I think we would be making a mistake if we challenged Hayward's expertise on being a cretin.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

I'm not entirely sure you understand what that means.

That's because you are stupid.
Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

I'm not particularly interested in taking this any further other than saying that certain people are cretins, and they have no business carrying guns in public.

And you instantly supply me with another example of it. Do you mean to imply that Piobaire is a cretin? He is the only person you've been suggesting is unqualified to carry in recent posts. Or do you mean to imply that certain other people in the world should not be allowed to carry, completely unrelated to the specific issue/person you have been complaining about?

A quick wiki pretty much nails the traits of intellectual honesty which you lack:

One's personal beliefs do not interfere with the pursuit of truth; - FAIL!
Relevant facts and information are not purposefully omitted even when such things may contradict one's hypothesis; - FAIL!
Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another - FAIL!

You don't have to try so hard to win arguments. There is no cash bonus involved.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

My problem is that when I was growing up and learning to shoot guns, other people around me had the presence of mind to make sure that I knew how to handle guns safely. Part of that is understanding how other guns work. In fact the NRA used to hand out a little leaflet that immediately showed you the difference between revolvers and self-loading pistols. I'm not saying these things need to be backed up with the force of law; in fact, it seems like the more laws that we have about guns, the more instances we have of ignorant cretins wanting to own guns - mainly as some sort of detachable penis, rather than as a legitimate tool for sporting and defensive purposes.

It is incredibly clear from the questions that Piobaire asked that he had absolutely no idea how a revolver works. That's something that he should've learned in the course of acquiring his first gun. Apparently no one was there to make the information available, or, more likely, he didn't have the presence of mind to seek it out. Pretty disturbing to me. And it should be pretty disturbing to any responsible gun owner. I for one am sick and tired of being embarrassed in public by yahoos who walk into some gun shop and buy a gun and carry it in public, only to end up shooting someone who didn't need killing, or shooting themselves in the genitals when they needed to take a crap in the church restroom on bingo night.

Not to White Knight Piob, but he asked queries before buying a revolver. Would you have preferred he asked queries after buying the revolver? I mean, that's what responsible people do, ask queries before buying.
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Wow. I just caught up. I will throw in my two cents.

Gun safety is king. If you don't understand gun safety or how your firearm works you shouldn't be carrying nor should you be allowed to shoot without supervision. Once you have met the criteria required then you should be able to do whatever you want because you should understand what's right and what's wrong. I think Hayward meant well but just came off like a twat. Pio isn't stupid. I don't think Pio would carry without a CCW and the proper training. It wouldn't behoove him in any situation and depending on where he lived illegal.
Should he learn the mechanics of a wheel gun and an auto loader, yes, but that's when the questions should start. Ask first. Get an idea of what's what. Try the firearm out at the range. Take a class. Fire more. Take another class. Fire more. repeat.

Asking questions about a firearm is never a bad thing even if it's an idiotic question. This thread should be a positive place to come to and learn about gun safety and firearms.
I have shot with several people on this thread and it's been a pleasure and a learning experience for a few. I will shoot with a group of Sf'ers next month. It would really suck if someone had a " holier than thou " attitude and that's why people are bashing Hayward. Don't be a cunt. Be helpful. You never know who's going to have your back.
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I would strongly encourage anyone wanting to carry a 642 to shoot one first. I hated mine and sold it.

My carrying philosophy is headed in the opposite direction, in the sense that I'm sizing up, not down. I'm going to start carrying my glock 26, plus an extra mag, instead of my Kahr pm9. Just waiting on my crossbreed to get here. There won't be enough extra room IWB to carry the additional mag in that manner, so I'm going with one of these:

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IWB is certainly preferable to pocket carry. 


If you're going to carry you need to be able to suck it up on the convenience issues. Carry what's effective, from a stable platform. If that means going a size up on trousers and wearing an untucked shirt when it's hot, so be it. 

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