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^^^ That
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Me and a buddy of mine went out and shot a little bit today. I took my Inox Beretta 92FS and Ruger stainless MKII and my buddy took his Sig 229 Scorpion, Mosquito and a Colt 22 out. We shot clay pigeons stuck in the snow on the berms at 25 and 50 yards. It was a good time playing horse.
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Good times  .  .  .

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Originally Posted by PhiPsi32 View Post

Good times  .  .  .

Always. Between the both of us we have plenty of 22 ammo. Getting nines has been problematic so we didn't shoot very much of those. We're both thinking this ammo run thing isn't going to last much longer. If it does I have 5 gallon buckets full of brass so I'll drag out the 650 and casting equipment and reload about 10,000 rounds of nines. Then we'll be able to do some real shooting once the weather warms up. I have several CCW classes lined up in another month and it really sucks being reduced to running the courses with just 22s. We really want people to be shooting their CCW guns but getting 3 boxes of factory center fire ammo is nearly impossible at any price these days. It really makes no sense but that's good old panic buying for you.
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I agree the panic buying will end. I'm just not sure if it will be sooner or later.

I managed to scrounge 300 rds of .40S&W and put it to good use. Not sure if I could do that again, at least not right now.
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A friend had "shoot a gun" on her bucket list.

On her last 25 rounds she finally nailed it.

Also, .40 FMJ has jumped up to over .60/round down here. And that's only when you can find it. Haven't even tried to find .380 recently. I'm not an ammo hoarder by any means, but getting down to a box of each in FMJ + a couple small boxes of home-defense FPD in each bothers me a bit.
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^If it bothers you that much, get a reloading setup.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

^If it bothers you that much, get a reloading setup.

Yes. And get a Dillon for pistol loading and never look back. Still use the old rock chucker purchased in the late 70's for rifle and Mec 9000's with an automate for shotgun.


Components can be hard to find from time to time especially primers so stock up when you can. 

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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post

Well, the time has come where I have decided to purchase my first firearm. I'm looking at a 9mm Beretta pistol. What kinds of guns do you all have and which would you recommend for a first timer?

If you never shot a gun before let me warn you about the one you mentioned about.

I was 16 when I shot the Lethal Weapon gun and I was holding the gun wrong and the kick from the gun scrapped off the top part of my wrist.

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Bought into the hysteria and purchased another AR. Just informed it's at the store waiting for pickup. Awesome.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

Bought into the hysteria and purchased another AR. Just informed it's at the store waiting for pickup. Awesome.

Good for you I think...

I'm ordering 30+ round stick magazines for my Lethal Weapon Beretta 92 just because 15 and 17 round mags isn't enough. If I could find one I would buy a 50 round drum for it. While I'm at it I want a shoulder stock and a can so it can be really evil and sinister looking. wonder how much all the tax stamps would cost for that? Oh and my Beretta is better than the one in the movies. Mine's an Inox model.
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My AR-15 build should be done by the end of next week. Pretty excited to put it together and start shooting
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I really like the beretta 92. I'm content with 15 rd mags and fortunately I have a lot of them. 50 rders always worry me because they're all aftermarket and I worry about jamming.

That's one of the real ironies of this debate. High round capacity mags are much more likely to jam. Like they did with the batman shooter. If he had standard 20 rd mags they wouldn't have jammed, and he could have quickly reloaded and been even more deadly.
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People in Europe warmly support American Citizens in their staunch defence of their right to own fire weapons

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Yeah the Beretta is a fine gun. It took me over a year to get one and I have six standard 15 round mags for it if I decide to shoot a little competition with it. I'm not really interested in getting big sticks mags for it. IMO it would throw off the balance of the gun and well it just looks stupid too. I do have some 60 round Surefire mags for the AR and they do work and work well. Of course they better for what they cost.
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