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If you've never handled a firearm, I'd also strongly recommend a course as most ranges offer them. You really need to learn the basics, along with respect, and knowing how to properly take care of your purchase is never a bad investment.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
Well, the time has come where I have decided to purchase my first firearm. I'm looking at a 9mm Beretta pistol. What kinds of guns do you all have and which would you recommend for a first timer?

I carried a Beretta 9mm as a duty weapon for a few years, they are a fine pistol. You may find them a bit bulky, but they are very reliable and fairly inexpensive.

I would recommend you find something that feels good in your hand and has an external safety. I have nothing at all against pistols like Glock, but for a first pistol I would not suggest one.

JLibourel had a good recommendation with the .22. Even more experienced firearm owners should own one of these. Accurate, cheap ammo and fun to target shoot with.
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^^ One of favorite firearms is a customized Ruger 10-22 that I've outfitted with a dual-stock banana clip. For pennies a shot, it's really a lot of fun. If you take the advice of a few here and go with a .22, I might suggest the Ruger Mark III. I've had mine for the past 15 years and it's an excellent target pistol as well as a good introduction in learning to deal with recoil, breathing techniques, stance, etc. Plus, they look like this: Or the Hunter model:
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I also strongly recommend a twenty-two. My first handgun was a beautiful 1970s S&W Model 41 target pistol in .22. It still shoots better than I do. A smallbore never outlives its usefulness --- the progression amongst firearms enthusiasts typically returns to the .22 after forays to more heavy hitters.

Speaking of which...

This one isn't mine, but identical:

And a few others...

Smallbore competition rifle.

Ruger Red Label

Mr. Tom

a .50 caliber AP at 300yds into a 1/2" steel plate


Jon, I have a few 700NE cartridges, this is one of mine. They run about 60-80 for the common ones.

Lastly, Tokyo, I like HKs as well, this is a quiet Tactical. I live in a great state.


Disclaimer - all firearms are owned in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

What's the weight like on this? It's very pretty but I'm a bit intimidated by such a long barrel.
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Awesome Bondesque pics with the suit. I think a 0.22 it is then. I'll see what the armoury has in store. I found some ranges about 20 minutes outside of town.
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It's 7-3/8" inches and heavy -- I'll look it up tomorrow and edit. However, it's stable as a rock, especially if you add the olympic counterweight set, which makes it heavier, but not in a fatiguing fashion. Damps out minor stuff. Can't find a picture with the weights, but they also made it with a 5" and 5.5" barrel. but I think it loses some of the lines like this: To contrast with heavy but also ungainly, I'd vote my Dan Wesson 15" heavy barreled .357 Mag silhouette gun. That's almost annoying. OP: Thanks. Good call, by the way. ~ Huntsman
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Huntsman, is that your smallbore gun? If so what kind is it, it looks almost like the rare and unseen Swiss Tanner.

If you have some cash for a first gun you can get a 22 conversion kit for a number of guns ( Colt 1911, CZ and beretta come to mind). By changing the slide, barrel, and magazine you can shoot a cheap ($10 for 500) 22 ammo.

I would like to submit this to the gun appreciation thread:

Respectfully stolen from:
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^^^ Bad ass.
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You didn't mention the purpose of the gun, but unless this is going to be only used for target practice at a range, I highly suggest you stay away from a .22, which is far from a self defense round.

You definitely don't want .22 in a life or death situation. You might have to shoot an attacker multiple times to take them down, which is not good if they also have a gun. Don't worry about being able to deal with recoil of higher calibers. Unless you are a little girl, 9mm or .40 are easy to shoot, especially if you do a little range practice like all gun owners should.

I'd recommend a Springfield Armory XD9, which is considered the glock alternative. Both an XD and the glocks are well know for their reliability. You don't have to worry about cleaning and oiling them all the time and the parts don't wear down and break easily. I prefer the XD though because of the grip safety similar to 1911s and it's chambered indicator. Plus I think they look cool in 2-tone.
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I heard a rumor that mob guys like using .22's. Nearly silent with a silencer and when you shoot the thorax/abdomen the bullet doesn't go through like a .38/.45 but ricochets around like PacMan. Theory was that you could do more damage but with less stopping power.
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Only one I own: Cased Webley & Scott Model 700, 1952. Boxlock with ejectors and double triggers. "Monte Carlo" walnut stock with rounded pistol grip and "beavertail" forend.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
I heard a rumor that mob guys like using .22's. Nearly silent with a silencer and when you shoot the thorax/abdomen the bullet doesn't go through like a .38/.45 but ricochets around like PacMan. Theory was that you could do more damage but with less stopping power.
I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but none of this is true. Bullets do not bounce. Take a look at some terminal ballistics studies. A .22LR weapon is not a self defense weapon. If you get one, use it for range shooting or maybe hunting rabbits.
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whodini this guy shot a bunch of different guns to see their terminal effects. A 22 simply doesn't have much power behind it, its a 40 grain solid lead slug traveling at maybe 1100fps (subsonic) at the muzzle. A 9mm will be traveling at about 1300 fps (slightly above supersonic) and will weight at 124 gr to 148 gr. So the power difference is pretty big.
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