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Set of sportcoat buttons?

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Have my eye on a new sportcoat, but the bag with sleeve buttons was lost (so, significant discount on the jacket). I figure I'll have to replace the entire set, three buttons plus 4 for each sleeve. Where does one get buttons fitting for a Brioni sportcoat, and any idea what these would cost? Someone's favorite tailor, maybe?
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Fox, I've seen the button selection at Neimann's for Brioni MTM. I don't know if they'd let someone simply order a set of Brioni buttons, but I don't know why they wouldn't, if you're willing to pay whatever retail they are. I also know that Ben Silver ( sells buttons, though I don't know if those are the type you're seeking. I know that my tailor has a button selection for his own suits/sportcoats that he makes bespoke, so you could likely order from a tailor as well.
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Benson and Clegg have an online selection. I just found this site: As fall nears, I will have to replace the wood/leather look buttons on a hacking jacket. I haven't found any similar buttons, however. If you see some, anywhere, please let me know.
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