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How can I make my leg hair less, uhh.... noticable? - Page 2

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Just trim, IMO. I don't see a reason to get laser treatment unless you have bad back hair or something and you're self conscious about it... I can't imagine that would be easy to trim/shave.
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Most men have dark hair on their legs. I would consider 1. Wearing pants 2. Trimming it 3. Changing your outlook: be proud, most guys do have hairy legs. Honestly, I look like Tom Seleck and I am damn proud.
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When you use the electric razor, have you tried making it shorter than an inch? My leg hairs are about an inch without trimming.
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Just don't do anything man. Leg hair makes you more attractive and sexy, and don't be ashamed about it. just like your armpit hair or your *** hair, leg hair makes you feel like a damn hot man.

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great. I think a nice tan on the legs, helps to mollify their hirsute state. thank you


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Originally Posted by Chasey View Post

well, okay, see this is my problem: I'm extremely skinny for an 18 y/o, I'm like 5'9 and weigh 125 lbs. but the thing is, my upper body is really really skinny, and my legs are kind of big-ish in comparison to the rest of my body. what's even weirder is that even though I have dark brown hair, the hair on my arms is still blonde to extremely-light brown, and my legs are the only other place on my body (besides, you know, that other spot) that have dark brown to black hair. the fact that I feel like my legs are too big is enough to make me feel uncomfortable about my body being "disproportional," but they are so freaking hairy compared to my arms and everywhere else. I was on the swim team in high school but I won't be doing it in college (at least for my first year) so my legs were shaved for a big portion of the past few years. now that its grown out all the way, I've just been using an electric razor to trim it down to about an inch long every so often. but the hair is so dark and thick that it's just starting to become obvious that I'm buzzing it. so is there anything else I can do, like maybe trimming it and bleaching it very slightly (just so it's a little lighter) or am I just SOL? I mean, come on, there's gotta be something I can do :P but if I used just some cheap facial bleaching stuff, would it end up red? and is it even safe to use something like that over such a large area of my body? I also don't wanna shave them when I'm not swimming, because no offense to any guys that do, but I'm just not comfortable with that.
well thanks
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