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favorite washed denim?

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out of curiosity, what are ppl's favorite washed denim jeans, if any, since i know most ppl on here discuss strictly raw/dry denim

i have a few pairs of raw denim, but i find myself still drawn toward having some washed denim in my rotation....they're obviously less versatile, but still nice to have for variety sake
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Still haven't seen any washes that compare to Earnest Sewn and (slightly less enthusiastically, though the denim is higher quality) 5EP.
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PRPS medium wash on they're claasic selvage jeans is amazing...not like some of their usual over the top stuff, Dior orange overdyed, 5ep worn, 45rpm barn denim, Helmut Lang are my favorite washed denim.
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45rpm makes some of the most realistic washes I've ever seen. It will break the bank though. Personally, I have a pair of Earnest Sewns. They hardly get any wear.
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I tend to not wear washed denim unless I'm going some place rowdy or if its raining outside...
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Some Corpus offerings from a couple years back were very nice.
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There are some solid grey jeans that aren't raw.
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Diesel are pretty consistent but also have some AWFUL washes. I've owned some All Saints and 5ep that were nicely washed as well.
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I like Earnest Sewn and 5EP myself, and Diesel has good quality denim/fits, but the washes are sometimes off.
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I enjoy my fulton patriots and my fulton mazdark 3d, as well as my 5EP, but my favorite washed jeans are still my 7FAM stretch bootcut in dark ny.
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My last pair of washed denim was a Five Four.
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I have a pair of diesel that I wear often. No distressing or anything. Just a solid dark wash and a straight leg.
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5EP boot in the dark worn....
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Kohzo is my favorite
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Earnest Sewn, probably. I like my corpus morphy, but it's a very lightly distressed wash - just mild fading on the thigh.
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