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Too good to be true?  part ii

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....ck=true I couldn't hyperlink the auction due to problems with my mouse. But please take a look at it via cut and paste. I figured for the price, if it's fake who cares -- and the guy offered Paypal protection. This guy isn't a watch seller -- he sells mainly used auto parts. I took a gamble that this guy just didn't know what he had. So, what does everybody think? Is this real, a sure fake, or a "maybe real"? Even if it's fake, it looks cool. I can't wait to receive it.
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Sure fake. I'm sure all will concur on this.
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MikeF, What are the tip-offs, besides the price. Just curious as to what you are looking for. My thinking -- if it's real, I got the greatest deal ever. If it's a fake, I can either keep it or complain via the Paypal protection policy that was offered to me. Either way, it didn't cost me much to take a gamble. And if it's a good quality fake, well that's not so bad either.
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The band is a new replacement, the case appears genuine - though it's hard to say for sure from the pictures (too low res to resize and still read/idenify font, etc). I would be willing to bet that the movement has been replaced with a quartz movement of asian origin if indeed the case is genuine. I'm hoping the case and movement are both legit and you got one heck of a buy... Keep us posted.
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I'll let you know as soon as I receive it. He is apparently a very quick shipper, so I should get the watch by Thursday at the latest. If it's a fake, it's pretty good. You'd think that they would just put a regular leather band or a bracelet band on it, rather than the leather band with the metal clasp. So, if it's a fake, they went to a good deal of trouble to make it look real. When I get it, I'll pop off the back if I suspect it is real so I can check the movement. If it is transparently fake, then of course I'll know not to bother.
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It's fake because watches like that are plentiful on Canal Street in New York, in Patpong in Bangkok, in the night markets in Hong Kong, et cetera. The band and clasp looks precisely like what is included with those sorts of watches. I would bet money that not a single component of the watch you bought is real, including the case. Consider also the auction description - brand new, but sold without papers or box, and "as is". I suspect "as is" is code for "it's fake" and represents the seller's attempt to insulate himself from complaints.
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There is a reason why the watch guys at Timezone call Ebay "E-prey". I myself have NEVER known of a fully satisfactory, "no surprises" watch transaction on Ebay. You're just asking for trouble. I'll do a separate thread on watch fakes based on my 15 years of experience. The first rule, however, is that if you have 1% doubt as to the authenticity of a Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek, or Vacheron. it's almost certainly fake. Those are the brands most faked and best faked.
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It does look like a counterfeit, and (from the low-resolution pictures) not a convincing one at that. A genuine Patek is (or was when I received mine, twenty years ago) marked on the underside of the strap, on the buckle, on the dial, on the movement, and inside the back of the case. The words, "Patek Philippe", if they appear at all in the markings, are comparatively smaller than shown here. Additionally, the "gold" case is merely gilt; I know of no gilt Patek cases. The subsidiary dial is neither sunk nor otherwise set off from the principal dial by means which I've known Patek to employ. One could go on, but you catch the drift. If the watch works, you've something to wear to tell you the time. Just don't let others see what it pretends to be. (Of course, you might be able to send it back.)
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Fake. Jon. (a fake is a fake, and there is nothing else to add)
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You should ask the seller how much he thinks you should insure the watch for during shipping $10,000? $25,000?
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Your watch is a classic cheap fake.  While I can excuse the fake Rolex because of  pure pretentiousness, the problem with fake Patek like these among pompous snobs like me,  is that it will not only ruin your look and reputation, but also insult our intelligence. William PS: Sorry Offshore Observer, could not resist  
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Look at this ridiculous auction: EBay auction
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About buying watches on eBay...I bought a Tag Link Series watch on eBay a while ago and it was a great deal. Paid $600 for a watch that is normally 2 or more times that. Flawless watch, with all the papers/box/etc. I think you just have to use the same caveat when buying anything on eBay. Research the seller and their history, and ask a million questions before you bid. The majority of sellers are good people and are not out to screw you over. You just have to be able to recognize the bad seeds.
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I should have bought the million dollar watch instead. Like I said, I felt that if there was a 1 in 100 chance that it was real -- say, perhaps, the guy found it in an alley or something or at a yard sale of some dead guy -- then it was a good gamble. If there wouldn't have been buyer protection from Paypal, I wouldn't have purchased it. If it's a fake, trust me that I'll be able to scare the Bejesus out of the guy to just give me my money back (this is the benefit to being a lawyer). If it's a fake -- which OF COURSE it almost certainly is. I'm not stupid. -- I won't be nice to the guy. In the end, its not worth $75 to him to risk (1) being kicked off Ebay, (2) getting the worst kind of negative feedback, or (3) having the police called.
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Look at this ridiculous auction: EBay auction
Cmon...What could be wrong with that? I mean he DOES have a 100% feedback. So surprised that there are no bids or buy it now options on that one... Also interesting to have a ref number of 5038 on a watch that they only made 500 of. JJF
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