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I found myself here after getting fed up with the GQ Forum's complete and total idiocy and the s-l-o-w loading times at Ask Andy's. This forum is awesome, and the amount of information it possesses is staggering: a simple use of the Search function (very fast and very easy) can attest to that.
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My wife referred me to this site (and Andy's). Classic
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Yet another from Ask Andy....
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Another one from Ask Andy. To be specific - did a Google search on a particular brand of shoe (can't remember now), AskAndy came up. Stuck with AskAndy through slow loading for a bit. Read a reference, came here.
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I too am GQ Forum Alum. I think someone in the GQ Forum mentioned this forum and I have been here since.
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Started with Ask Andy. Amazing the number of Andy "defectors"-- tells you something about the viewership he COULD have if he got his act together.
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I wouldn't use the word "defector" - at least for myself - but Andy's forum is languishing right now. When it is back up and running, I will still be checking both forums. Yet, when it comes to posting, which I do rarely anyway, I would rather post here for simple ease of use.
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Got an e-mail from J, so I hastily left the GQ Forum.
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GQ forum at the very beginning... Been here ever since and at for my modern designer runway fix. Pete
Same thing, been here since the beginning. Pete, do you post on thefashionspot? I check it out once a week or so but never post. It's too girly, but the pics from the runway shows are great.
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I was one of the first ones over here after the GQ Forum started going down the tubes. J posted a link over there, I liked what I saw here (actually having to register, the organization of the topics) and signed up. I've been around ever since, although I don't post super frequently. I recall only about 10-15 people here at the beginning- now there is around 950 registered. With only a handful of problem posters, I think the growth has been incredible.
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I did a search for some stuff (probably shoes, memory hazy) I read about in the Ask Andy forum and both this site and Modern Man came up. To get to Andy's, I think it was a link from some other website talking about the Ask Andy forum being a great source of information on clothes. (This was after exhausting the fashion articles on AskMen and SharpMan - I was young, I was stupid, I needed help on my dress-down Friday wardrobe...)
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From Modernman, to Andy's site to here. Jon.
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I found it after buying Steve's book (I'm not sure whether Steve mentions it in the book, or I followed a link from Steve's site to get here).
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Did a couple of google searches and came up empty (I used terms like Men's Fashion) so I tried GQ and after being thoroughly turned off I was saved by a member who posts here and there. Edit:  Mike C.:  Although Alias made the case for animated avatars, yours is killin me...
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I found ask andy on google, then came here. As much as I respect those at ask andy, I feel more in tune with the vibe here. -Tom
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