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Prices for "luxury" clothing have risen greatly since the 1990s. I came across this price list from 2001 for John Lobb Paris bespoke shoes and had a look at historical currency rates. Apparently the first pair was around 19 000 francs or 2900 euros eleven years ago.

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That' pretty much in line with UK prices.

I have an article from the 'Financial Times' in front of me. I'm not absolutely certain about the date, but presumably around 1997.

The following prices are listed for bespoke shoes: John Lobb (SJ) £1490 *** Foster & Son £1110 *** New & Lingwood £1050 *** Cleverley £1000 *** Jason Amesbury £1000.

Ready-to-wear shoes: John Lobb £385 - £420 *** Edward Green £365 - £425 *** Cleverley £225 -265 *** Church's £160 - 275 *** Crockett & Jones £180 - £250 *** Tricker's £195 - £210

In the last 18 or so years, ready-to-wear has increased to about double, but bespoke has increased to almost triple.

Also interesting to see that John Lobb (Paris) has different prices for different designs, while the West-End firms charge the same price for every design, although some uppers (those with lots of perforations and/or lots of hand stitching) are more expensive to produce than other (more plain) designs.
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...and then there's inflation and risen wages to calculate as well. Perhaps you have some articles about the "average" monthly UK wage from the end '90s to quote? I'm wondering if these shoes were much cheaper in the nineties compared to prices and wages these days.
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