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Forsythe of canada shirts

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Forsythe of Canada shirts are in great abundance at Filene's Basement that I've seen. The shirts are generally about $20-30 (marked down from $65 or so). The fabrics used though appear to be high quality for the price, with great colors and textures. The fabrics remind me of Paul Stuart, actually. The shirts are, of course, machine made. Yet there are nice touches, like thick buttons that are either MOP or good fakes. I'd be tempted to buy a few of the shirts if I actually needed any more shirts or could fit any more in my closet. Does anyone know anything about this company? I've never seen their shirts before at retail. Thanks
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Kabert, No great insight, but I second your assessment of the shirts. I'll often grab them off the sale racks when looking for quality and then put them back (in part b/c I don't know the brand). I have not tried them on, but am curious to learn more about them.
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I own two of them but do not wear them. They have great colors/patterns, but they are super 80's fabrics and wrinkle almost instantly. Within a half hour of putting them on, they are so wrinkled that I am embarrased to be seen in them. Another company with similar product is "Markham" of Canada. -Tom
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Sure, I know of them. In fact, I just purchased a Pima Cotton blue button down (for wear under v-neck sweaters mainly) from the Basement for $12. Pretty good fit for OTR, IMO. You are right that some of their checked fabrics are ultra soft. I'll probably pick up one more on the next round of markdowns (they'll go dow to 15 or 20).
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I'll disagree with Tom's assessment of them wrinkling. The broadcloths might, but their twill fabrics are thick and soft and will not wrinkle easily.
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I don't know anything about the company, but I do have 3 shirts from them that I purchased during a recent trip in the US for $15US each. So far, I have worn only one and it wears well. Interesting comment about Paul Stuart, because a saleperson in a store said the same thing. Hey, for what I paid, IMO they are a good value. Classic
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I've seen them sold at Boston Store (aka Carson Pierie Scott) for around $40, full price. The Marshalls by my house always has them for $12.99. I think they are on par with Ike Behar, maybe a notch below. Not bad for $13 though - nice fabrics, made in Canada, not sure if the buttons are shell, though.
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I have a couple (since relegated to use while gardening) that I purchased before discovering this forum and Jantzen. Buttons are definitely plastic. $20 or less would be a fair price ... I paid about $65 USD before I knew any better. I agree with Tom on the fabric quality and its propensity to wrinkle. Ike Behar is miles ahead on both fabric and construction IMHO...
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