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Thus, IMHO, if one were addressing a stranger, the use of "braces" would be (marginally) preferable, as somewhat less likely to lead to confusion.
Except that to a stranger in America, "braces" mean things that hook to your teeth and straighten them, or a part of a building, or something that holds parts of your body straight for medical purposes, and the use of a British term to describe something we have a word for would seem affected. Just like you wouldn't refer to the new "jumper" you bought, just so you could explain what it meant, only to be asked why you didn't just say "sweater". And to the original poster, to avoid confusion, what you are calling "single chest" is usually referred to as "single breasted". Just so you know; no offense meant. That was a cranky-sounding post, so, sorry, but I'm not going back and editing it for niceness.
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I'm in the minority, but my own acquaintances do not leave their single breasted jackets buttoned constantly. Most, in fact, rarely button them at all. Doing so would look very affected, at least in my opinion. Shockingly enough, given that most of these fellows are neither under 30 nor living in Section 8 Housing, and most are very well dressed individuals, I would suggest that this "rule" has little to do with age and SES, but rather, one's conceptions of formality. As far as brace decorum is concerned, my opinion is that braces are meant to be seen. While this doesn't necessitate that one parade around without a jacket or anything like that, there is no need to go to great lengths to ensure that one's silk Trafalgar braces are not seen by the public. Both the 19th and 20th centuries are now over.
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How else are you supposed to show the white catgut ends? I agree that we are long past the day when a glimpse of suspender could cause a gasp of disbelief. My god, we have lived through the era of Larry King. All of my single-breasted Henry Poole suits feature brace-back trousers. It's a very classic design and normal movement will reveal the presence of suspenders from time to time and so it makes sense to treat them as an element of pattern and color. I suppose I have referred to both braces and suspenders here, but I really come down on the side of suspenders. This is normal American usage and for me, personally, to say braces would be an affectation. The comparison to jumper is apt and I don't believe there is any danger of confusion. Now, /andrew, if you ever figure out the meaning of sleeve garters please let me know.
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Mike, Though I doubt if anyone is offended to see a buttoned jacket, unbuttoned single breasted dinner jackets follow traditional usaage. Black tie is the casual version of white tie. Tailcoats are never buttoned - as you know, they don't have them - nor in my opinion should their semi-formal relations. The unbuttoned jacket displays the cummerbund, sash or weskit beneath to better effect. Will
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Will-- Believe me, I do not in the slightest doubt your knowledge or veracity.  But I am burning with curiosity to learn where it is that you have observed men with their dinner jackets unbuttoned.  (I except those who are seated.)  Especially as I see that you are based in Frisco, not Pocatello. For what it's worth (not much), I cannot remember ever having seen such a thing in my life.  Nor can I find any pictures in magazines or books that show men in unbuttoned dinner jackets.  Where have I been? Help. Mike
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Having attended at least several hundred black tie events in my lifetime, I can easily say that I've never seen it to be the norm where men button their dinner jackets, particularly men with a sense of style. Where are you based, kidkim2?
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Dandy-- Frisco.  (Burlingame, actually.) Can we be talking about the same article of apparel?  I am unable to find any pictures anywhere of anyone wearing a "Tuxedo" jacket unbuttoned. Please, someone.  Show me that I'm wrong.  I promise to go to bed without my party favor. Mike
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Kidkim, I didn't spend much time looking but to show that at least one photo exists, Roetzel's [i]Gentleman[i], page 324. Best, Will
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FYI, a large selection of Trafalgar braces are now available at Filene's basement for $20 (down from $80 retail). I'm willing to pick some up for people for, say, $30 a shot (to make it worth my while, and to account for taxes, paypal reamage), plus shipping (can be combined). There are lots of styles, so you'll just have to trust my judgement. PM me and Paypal me the money, and some very *general* preferences.
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$20 is typical for Trafalgars at Nordstrom Rack as well. Every time I go in there there is a selection of 6-7 (usually of the more boring styles) for $20 and occasionally they go for less. I did pick up a few pairs of the collectors edition and some other interesting ones at Marshalls a while back for $3-8 or so that I will eventually put up on ebay.
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