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Stay Away, The Beckett Simonon Review

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Hi everyone,

I've had a terrible experience with Beckett Simonon recently and just want my story to be publicly available so that, hopefully, people are informed of what they are getting into when considering doing business with this company. I cannot be any more serious when I say that this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. There doesn't seem to be much discussion of them on Styleforum, and as a long-time lurker here who has benefited so much from the existence of this site, I feel compelled to make this post for the benefit of everyone here, who may in the future consider doing business with Beckett Simonon. Sorry that my first post has to be such a negative one.


In July I preordered their new Potenza weekender bag and paid in full for the bag, being told by an employee that the bag would ship in the beginning of August. A few weeks pass, and no bag is shipped, and no emails come from the company. I send them an email asking for an update on the bag, and my email goes ignored to for a week and a half, until I receive what I assume is a generic email saying that there have been a number of delays and the bags will ship the following week. 


Two weeks later, still no bag, no more emails explaining the situation, and no answers to any of the emails I sent. I am fed up with waiting and send an email asking them to cancel my order and give me a refund. No response. The next day, I email them again requesting a refund. Instead of a response, I get a shipping confirmation that my bag is now in the mail! Still no human interaction. I send them another email saying that I don't want the bag, that should have been clear by my previous emails, and that I want a free return label per their website, which advertises free shipping and returns, so that I can turn the bag around the second it gets here. 


I still am waiting for a response. 


I have yet to interact with a human being from this company since my original purchase. To add insult to injury, they do not even list a phone number or an alternative way for their customers to get in touch with them besides email, which they seem all too happy to ignore when things aren't going well. 


Having now looked them up online and on twitter, it seems my experience is not unique. I hope that my experience will help people in the future decide whether or not they want to risk getting involved with these people. Their customer service is callous and incredibly incompetent to the point of non-existence. There are so many other menswear companies who will actually listen to their customers. Those companies earn the money you give them.


Don't buy from these guys.

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Hmmm … your fourth post.

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I suppose that's technically correct. My first post trying not to pawn off shoes. 

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I can back up the OPs claim - their customer service is quite weak. Took me 4-6 weeks to get a refund after sending them numerous emails.
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So I am thinking of buying their Caine oxford cap toe shoes.  I've heard some bad things about their customer service on other sites too.  Is this a universal theme?  Has anyone ordered successfully from them recently?

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I'm a little confused. How is this the "worst company" when all you wrote about was a lack of immediate reply to your emails? I was in the same boat as you, pre-ordered the Potenza, received the "Sorry, delivery will be delayed" emails due to the overly-high pre-order demand. I waited for mine, no rush, and am greatly satisfied with the bag. At worst you could say that their customer service department is slow-to-respond, albeit makes sense for a small men's shoe boutique.


Edit: they also have an online chat for customer support on their website. I used this twice, had positive results with little effort on my end. CS rep even gave me a coupon code.

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FinanceGreg: I suppose you have a much greater tolerance for incompetence than I do. Being a "small men's shoe boutique" doesn't give you a license to ignore multiple emails from a customer, or send them items they don't want. Their "slow to respond" nature was a huge hassle for me, especially once they shipped me a bag I didn't even want, and had told them I didn't even want. Also, I'm looking at their website now and can't locate their live chat, and certainly did not see such a thing when I was trying to get a refund. I think it's remarkable that they still don't have a phone number listed on their website. I eventually did get my refund, but will never do business with the company again. My experience is certainly not unique in trying to get a return or a refund, as a quick google search would reveal. 


For more Beckett Simonon fun, see this dappered thread:

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Getting into this thread late, but figured my story should also be written down somewhere.  Not sure where FinanceGreg is getting this "live chat feature" on the BeckettSimonon website, since in the year that I've been dealing with them there has never been that feature on the site.  I can only echo the bad customer service experience that others have posted.  I'll start by saying this though, their shoes fit my feet quite well, and are some of the most comfortable for me that I've ever had.  It makes the rest of the experience that much more frustrating and disappointing.  I can't go much into the quality compared to other pricier brands such as Allen Edmonds, but one of the heels started to separate after 7 months of wear (I wear them once maybe twice a week to work, and I don't walk much at work).  I just glued it together, although maybe I could have used the one year guarantee (but not with the experience I've had -see below).


The issues: 


1.  no way to contact them except email.

2.  they can take days to weeks to respond.

3.  they still owe me money.

4.  if your order is past 30 days from date of purchase, can only issue refund via paypal (this may have changed if they updated their payment/refund system)


To start off, the shoes I ordered were on back-order, so I waited.  Not a something that irked me really. I ordered two pairs (05 March) that turned out to be too big though, so when I finally got them I asked to get a refund and a return label.  On the size thing, I followed their sizing instructions (=US 12), but it turns out they run large and I need a US 10.  They were two separate orders (used two different discounts).  I got an email within 7 days that the refund requests for both orders were initiated (from their email: "I created the request for both orders").  Day 11 I got the link for the return label, but no clarification which order it was for, or if the label was for both of the orders.  I wrote an email asking what to do, but after a week just put both orders in the same box and sent it on.  I could track it and saw it arrived and was signed for on 01 April.  Two weeks after it arrived at their warehouse (per UPS tracking) I never got an answer to my emails, or a refund.  I wrote another email on 13 April asking for an update on the refund for both orders.  NEVER got a response to this email  - at this point I was out ~$250 for the shoes that I returned.  NOT HAPPY.


I waited patiently and on 10 May wrote an angry email about my situation to them.  Finally I got a response that same day (**of note - their reply was sent from an iPhone.  Not sure how I feel about that, but it's a small company so I can understand. But it also raises questions on the amount of customer service they can handle).  Their response was that since my order was accepted by their site over 30 days ago, they couldn't issue the refund except for with paypal, and would I please give the email linked to my paypal account.  I wasn't thrilled but was fine with that.  They said once I provided that I could expect to have the refund in 4 business days, so I did.  


FOUR weeks later, no refund money in my paypal account.  I thought I was being generously patient with them so far.  08 June I send them another email asking about my refund.  Want to guess what happened?  No email from the company in response to my questions - ever!!  For minimal credit, they did issue a refund into my paypal account the next day 09 June, but ... wait for it, for only one of the orders.  So I'm still out $120 for the shoes I returned and were signed for by their receiving company.  I waited to see if I would ever get the rest of the refund, but nothing ever came.  I wrote my story on their facebook and actual website review on 23 August.  I got a facebook reply from them two days later that they would look into it and process the refund that same day. 


Want to guess what happened???    NO money refund, NEVER another email, facebook reply, or anything..... I just gave up on ever seeing the money again.


Just last week I decided to give them another try, since the shoes fit me really well.  Seems like they changed the way their sizing is listed online, meaning the size 10 I ordered this time wasn't the same size 10 I ordered the first time (have to order a size 11 now).  Needless to say the shoes that came in the mail were too small.  Currently I am waiting for them to issue the return label ... we'll see how the refund goes this time.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice......

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If you paid with PayPal you should try to use their dispute mechanism to get a refund. If you didn't then you should have.
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I had reservations when I considered purchasing a briefcase from them.  I paid, and after a considerable amount to time I contacted them to inquire the process of the order. They were GREAT in responding to me.  Two days later I got a reply email explain that my briefcase was made in batches and the batch of bags that were ordered the same time I ordered were currently being made.  Two weeks later I received my bag in the mail.  I was VERY PLEASED !!  I don't know if you happened to have had a random bad experience, but my experience was definitely a positive experience !!  


I ordered my bag June of 2015.

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