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no problem... just not that i needed convincing or anything ,just thought it was strange that 3 new ids (please see above) were created and responded consecutively each from a different 'international ' location. that was all

like i mentioned above anyways, i prefer selling to US and canada. less hassle.
3 left
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2 Niles left.
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Man, I'd love to buy these from you. I measured my foot at 10.3" x 4.05" which should be 8.5D by this table I found online. I wear 8.5 in Johnston & Murphy. But I tried on a worn out pair of 8.5D AE wingtips for the first time at a thrift shop and it was pretty loose in the heel; width was fine. I'd appreciate your advice on the fit. If they don't fit, do you think I will be able to recoup say 90% of the cost by selling on eBay. I'd roll the dice on the size for a $10 loss. Thanks. (I should mention that the AE store doesn't open in my state until October and the Macy's here doesn't carry shoes over $100 so that's why I don't know my size.)
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if you sell it on ebay for 100 dollars you can sell it trust me.

i just sold one of these for 129 on ebay.
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PM sent.
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Homerj, please remembe these fit true to size 8D. they may be small on you.

anyways, i sent you pm.

my sale of 129 of the last nile on ebay may be just out of luck , but you definitely can resale these for around 100 on ebay i am pretty sure.
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this one does not come with a box as i used it for another shoe sometime ago.

still brand new never tried on even, comes with a shoe bag.

this last one i lower the price from $95 to $89 shipped due to the lack of box and such. thanks.
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I got the shoes today via DHL 2 day. I love em. Took a picture with different lacing for fun. Which looks better? I'd almost buy your last pair as backup If you get any like this in black you gotta hook me up! Wow, my socks and pants match the carpet and shoe bag perfectly...
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Homer, those are really sweet. I like the lacing on the left. the criss cross kind of goes along with the funner brandy color.

Im glad you like them. not sure if you were kidding or not, but if you are interested in a second pair in these, i can give to you for $79.

(or anyone , who buys a second AE nile pair from me or anyone who did a significant shoe purchase from me in the past, $79 is the offer, remember guys i got these from amazon for $95, it is ok though, i love to get rid of this last pair!!!!!!)

$89 still holds for any first time AE Nile buyer .
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Argh you are the but I pass the test.
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ok . how about $29 shipped?
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HA! just kidding, just wanted to do that!
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Originally Posted by shoe View Post
ok . how about $29 shipped?

I took a screenshot as evidence

DHL 2 day will be fine.
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hehehehe...i hope you saw that i was kidding!
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one Niles 8D left.

brand new in box, $95 shipped

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