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Quality Formal Wear?

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This was originally a 4chan post and I edited it, so it made sense in the context of this forum.  For some reason it didn't post and it's too late for me to edit it again, so please forgive me.   


I'm at that point where I need to start building a formal wardrobe. I'm a business student and I'll have the opportunity to meet with scouts and head hunters, etc. I'm going to be shopping around for suits and I have access to some fairly high end brands. If you can think of it, I'll probably be able to find it. What brands would you recommend for:
Suit jacket/pants
French cuff shirts

Pocket square?

Tie bar



Before you ask, I do have a great tailor. 
I do have some preferences. I typically like slim cut. I'd like to be able to wear a pair of whole cut dress shoes. I'm also fairly young, so I'd like to reflect that. 

Misc questions: Everyone seems to suggest buying a navy suit as your first. Do you agree? Despite this, I'm leaning towards buying a grey tone suit.
What type of overcoat should I wear? I live in Canada. 
What is your opinion on Allen Edmond shoes? They seem to provide the best value. I'm not the biggest fan of their shape. They seem kind of wide. 

Any input would be much appreciated.

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Self bump

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One reason you don't get a reply may be that you mistitled the thread. You're not really interested in formal wear (white tie, morning suits, that sort of thing) but in business clothes. Another may be that your question is a rather complex one requiring a long answer, and that similar questions have been asked many times before.


This could be a start:


There are many older threads that may be useful to you (use the search function).

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Originally Posted by Business Man View Post

What brands would you recommend for:

Suit jacket/pants

Go to the suit hierarchy link Skip to the last pages where somewhat a consensus has been reached.

Also, lose the pocket square and tie bar at a job interview.
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Overcoat choice partially should be based on body type. Little point in trying to explain it all when measurements would make an answer easier.

Whole-cuts for a junior employee - probably not a good idea and surely wrong for interviewing.
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