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I've got a wedding to go to this Saturday evening(7:00 pm). It's being held at my friend's home(in the backyard) in the small town we grew up in. The suggested attire is "business casual." What would you suggest I wear? I would like to avoid khakis if possible. I was thinking that maybe I could wear my (very) dark blue jeans with dark stitching(matches the fabric color) that does not "stand out," along with my black Miu Miu loafers, a light blue dress shirt(open-necked, without tie), a 3-button single-breasted black Ferragamo sportcoat and perhaps a black single-breasted vest which matches the sportcoat. Thoughts on this combo? One note: this black sportcoat is my only sportcoat.
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I would not pair a black sportcoat with dark blue jeans. It looks a little off. Perhaps another color of jeans or slacks (white maybe)?
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Would charcoal grey pants work?
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Charcoal would work, preferably a lighter charcoal, but I would advise against the vest if you want to keep it casual.
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Should I forget about the vest, or should I dump the sportcoat and wear the vest? I won't be wearing a tie.
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Where, geographically, is the wedding?
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Rural Illinois - northwest part of the state.
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I'm not sure what the guests will be like, but I would think a vest alone would be a little out of place in rural Illionois. If I were you and had only the black coat, this is what I would do: Black Sportcoat White or Pale Pink Dress shirt (for some reason I don't like the look of light blue with black either, but I have seen it worn like that) and either wool slacks (tan or a light gray) or, if you want to avoid khakis, a pair of fine wale corduroys. Now that I think about it, Jeans, now matter how dark, are inappropriate for a normal evening wedding. If you are more comfortable you could certainly wear the vest, but it depends which piece has the better fit, is more appropriate, and is most practical. I like the sportcoat because it is dressed up, but cool and easily worn unbuttoned or removed for dancing, etc.
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Thanks for the tips - I'll have to dig up some pants.
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