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karen mulder heidi klum charlize theron angelina jolie helena christiansen gabrielle richens maria menounos
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Some of these are older now, but... Ashley Judd Catherine Zeta-Jones Natalie Imbruglia Elisha Cuthbert Elisha Dushku (way sexy IMO) Jessica Biel (looked awesome in Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Charisma Carpenter Tracey Bingham Deborah Shelton (back in the day in Dallas and Body Double - wow) Kari Wuhrer Raquel Welch (still has it, even at her age - with some help, I'm sure) Rachel Ward Aisha Tyler - much agreed, she's beautiful and funny Angelina Jolie (although I hate all of the tattoos) Kelly Preston Faith Hill More to come
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(1) Charlize Theron (2) Ashley Judd (3) Catherine Zeta Jones Also, I find these "older" women absolutely sensual Sharon Stone Raquel Welch Michelle Pfeiffer Sela Ward
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My list would be mostly the same except I would add Amanda Righetti from The O.C. who on my list is number one.  Here's my top 4            Amanda Righetti            Kiera Knightley            Kate Beckinsale            Elisha Cuthbert
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did i miss it or did NOBODY mention halle berry? it took to page 3 i believe to get to salma hayek?.?.?.?.
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My list would be mostly the same except I would add Amanda Righetti from The O.C. who on my list is number one.  
Great call.  Amanda Righetti is also on Fox's "North Shore," and has become in my opinion the "Jennifer Aniston" of that show (woman who steals the thunder of a much better-known castmate, in this case, Brooke Burns).
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Phoebe Cates Talisa Soto Kristin Kreuk Naida Cole Shannyn Sossamon Kelly Hu Cindy Kurleto Lisa Marie Scott anyone sense a pattern..... ? koji
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Coyote ain't ugly is she? What about Gisele Bundchen?
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Gisele's nose totally ruins her face.
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Maybe its me, but I rather not dream of which "˜famous' women I would sleep with, but rather live in the reality of being able to sleep (and have a real relationship, if possible) with women that I know / will meet. Do I know who most (or possibly all) the women mentioned are? Yes, but that does not mean I delve into the possibility of who I would do it with if I could; It is not my cup of tea. Guess it's the same reason I don't stare at the private planes that take off from the Boca Raton Airport (a private airport, many a Gulfstream can be seen landing and taking off everyday), I can't currently get it, thus no reason to dream futilely.
Just putting off doing some homework and I came across this thread (beats the political discussions.). I have to agree, but for us young folks there is a chance, although slim. I'm going to school for a career in the film industry (directing/producing) and I'd like to hope that I will have a chance to at least meet these women, if not more .
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my laminated top 5 as of now: Ashley Judd Kate Beckinsdale Katherine Heigl Charlize Theron Eliza Cuthbert (Amanda Righetti is hovering to near top 5) honorable mention: Eva Longoria Rachel Leigh Cook Scarlett Johannson Lindsay Lohan Jessica Biel used to be top 5ers: Winona Ryder Catherine Zeta Jones Kari Wuhrer Heidi Klum
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has anyone mentioned Sela Ward? (no, not kidding, i like her.) how about Téa Leoni? first time i saw her was on a bad sitcom called Flying Blind, back in 1992. she was the best part about that show. she fairly oozed sexuality.
good calls on both Sela Ward is HOT....even as she gets older Tea Leoni is waaay underrated HOT. i loved that show "flying blind" just to oogle at her. she is still looking great (last i saw her was in that xmas film with Nic Cage where he relives his life)
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Mya Angelina Jolie Sandra Bullock Monica Belluci Elisha Dushku (or whatever her name is) But to second what everyone else is saying, there are MANY women out there that trump these girls, and they are very much reachable. Eric
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Anne Wigmore isn't too bad looking. Here she is:
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