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Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling


Seperated at birth?
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Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque
Seperated at birth?

Her two front teeth, you mean?
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Originally Posted by imageWIS
Maybe its me, but I rather not dream of which ‘famous’ women I would sleep with, but rather live in the reality of being able to sleep (and have a real relationship, if possible) with women that I know / will meet. Do I know who most (or possibly all) the women mentioned are? Yes, but that does not mean I delve into the possibility of who I would do it with if I could; It is not my cup of tea. Guess it’s the same reason I don’t stare at the private planes that take off from the Boca Raton Airport (a private airport, many a Gulfstream can be seen landing and taking off everyday), I can’t currently get it, thus no reason to dream futilely.

At the moment the closest thing to a ‘famous’ person I have a chance with is one of my sisters friends, who is an unknown model (by unknown, I mean up and coming but no one knows who she is, at the moment anyhow). She is smart and beautiful, what else could a guy ask for?


Ah, point taken but im always reminded of the richdad poordad quote "never think that you can't afford or you can't obtain something but rather think how you can afford or how can you obtain something". If beautifull women are what your after then why not start a model agency?

Personally i would have to go with Adriana Lima.
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Short dress, stockings, boots... What more could you ask for?
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I will admit to being on the Scarlet Johansson wagon.

I find Rashida Jones attractive. Ari's wife is sexy in a Jewish kinda way. Penelope Cruz is sexy in a universal way.

I thought Raquel Welch and Sophia Lauren were gorgeous back in their prime.

My favorite is Monica Bellucci though.
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Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling View Post
bachbeet . . . I saw Audrey Hepburn up close, at a Unicef function. She was skeletally thin . . . much, much thinner than you see in films. Very tall, Perhaps, five foot eight. But her face, had great structure. Fabulous. Her smile, was radiant. She was a little bit, birdlike, up close. But very striking, and unique. My idea of the all time, most beautiful woman, ever has always been Vivien Leigh
Viv reminds me of Laura Benanti.
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My dime.
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