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Where to buy a suit in Washington, DC?

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I'm a new member to this site.  I've been looking around for suggestions on where to buy decent suits in Washington DC.  My last suit was from the local Macy's.  Needless to say I won't do that again.


My brother in-law is getting in October, which is the reason for the suit, but also, I need a couple new suits.  At any rate, I stumbled across Suit Supply in Georgetown.  I like the styles, but not sure if a 6',  240 pound guy can really wear those slim looking suits.


I'm looking to spend in the $500-700 range.


Also, anyone have recommendations for a decent tailor in the Washington, DC area?  I think that's where I went wrong with my last suit.


Additionally, I'll be heading to New York city the 1st of October, maybe too late to get a suit there for a wedding the following week, but if any one has suggestions for places to shop for a suit in my price range I would appreciate it. 



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SuitSupply is great. You should go and check them out. They can make some in-store tailoring, so you might be able to find something that will fit you well.

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I'm also in DC, and will second Suitsupply. I'm about 6' 200, and the York was the cut that fit me best off the rack. For ~700 though, you could probably get something custom measured there. If you do go off the rack, they have a tailor on site, which is cheaper (in my experience) than a local tailor. "Better" is arguable, but they work on Suitsupply suits all the time, which is a plus.

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I agree that your best bet is SuitSupply. You also may want to check out Brooks Brothers (Georgetown, Farragut Square, Friendship Heights) for any sales.
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Thanks fellas.  I'll be stopping by Suit Supply within the next couple weeks.  Does Suit Supply ever have sales?

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At least in Lithuania - no. What they do have sometimes is an offer - if you buy blazer or suit you can buy dress shirt from their Blue Line for 1 LTL (in US this will be 1 USD, I guess). I have not heard of any sales either in my country, or in online shop.

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