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Canali is GREAT to me... quality and a cut that fits me well (broad shoulders, little padding, somewhat suppresed waist). It's a shame that my favorite suit/sportcoat maker is VERY hard to find at discount in a 48R. Heck pretty much anything is  
Canali has little padding? I thought Canali had the most padding when u compare it to Armani and Zegna. BTW. Which is classical european vent? is it side vent or middle vent? I do not side vent since it make look hip or skirt look wider .. what do u guys think.
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classic Euro is either double vent or no vent. I personally like double vent, no vent, and center vent in that order, with double way out front.
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For aesthetic and practical reasons, I only wear side-vented suits and sportcoats. koji
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The classic continental European style has no vent. English style suits have double vents. Traditionally, American suits have a single vent, as do casual sportcoats (and to a lesser extent, continental European suits.) This style is actually quite popular in Europe and even in England, where the side vents are often seen as stuffy (reaction against tradition). Personally, I prefer no-vent, side vents, and center vent, in that order, with the no vent winning out by a long shot. But I like my jackets cut short (nearly waist length) so that they look goo with lower lung jeans, and the side vents are just an affectation at that point.
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True, Corneliani isn't Canali by any measure IMO, but still.
What do you mean?? I like the canvased Corneliani suits better than Canali personally. Quality seems to be about the same, and Corneliani cuts a better suit IMO. Of course, while we are on the subject, I'll say that Cantarelli is by far the best at this price range. Those new suits at Bergdorf (slim cut, canvased, about $950) are pretty nice too, I wish I could remember the name...
(1) I agree with you about Cantarelli. I'd love to see the ones at Bergdorff you are referring to -- at a little bit of a discount, that sounds like a great price. (2) I like Corneliani's shoulders better than Canali for my frame. But I just don't think that Cornelianis are as elegant as Canalis. In comparison, I find Corneliani lapels a little limp compared to Canali. Now this is not to say they aren't great suits, especially when you find them on discount for under $400. But, take out Canalis shoulder padding, and I'll pay $150 more for a Canali than for a Corneliani.
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