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I was going to post in the quick question thread, but I imagine that someone else will probably be thinking about more or less the same question, so they can search for this thread.

I'm looking for a cool briefcase for work that will hold my 15.4 inch thinkpad + a folder + random papers and possibly blackberry, calculator, keys, and a lunch.

I was thinking of an aluminium one (zero halliburton) but after I wore seersucker pants to work on Friday and was ridiculed for that, I figure that an aluminum briefcase, as cool as I think it would be, isn't suitable for the conservative minds at work.

I've looked at a couple brands - Tumi, Ghurka, etc - and was just wondering if any of the briefcase toting members here could proffer some insight into their most functional/best looking briefcases. I'm looking for something relatively slim with a side pocket (I don't want my computer smelling like my lunch) but that's not a necessity.

So please, if you have a briefcase that you really like, please post the mfg'er, the model (if relevent), where you got it, and why you like it enough to post here.

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I had the same question recently. A few hours reading SF posts helped me out.

Here's what I concluded; one should have multiple cases for different occasions.

I ended up buying (off ebay) several Coach vintage soft leather cases for causal or around town. These can be had in new condition for $75.

I also bought a new Jack Georges leather case (ebay again) at a very deep discount.

I'd suggest doing a few searches, and consider getting a few different pieces.
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Maybe this is something to consider:

It's the right size for your laptop - but maybe a little dressed up for lunch.
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There was a briefcase thread recently, and I am sure it is a weekly, or at least monthly, topic, so give the search function a whirl.

From the most recent one, though, I came away with the intention of buying a briefcase from The quality looks good, the price is right, and in the end you could always just get a custom made one with anything you want.
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Check out a company called Glaser Designs. They are handmade in San Francisco.
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I have an Atlas case, always get compliments on it.

This is the case in natural belting, I have it in coffee color.

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Many here will know that I am a serious fan of Zero Halliburton briefcases, so that's my choice. It gets, many, many comments -- they have never been negative. The worst are comparisons to James Bond, but frankly I get that without the briefcase also. As a point of interest, I wouldn't wear seersucker, and though I wouldn't mock someone with such sartorial fortitude, I can see how some would. The Zero is a little different -- but if you come of as a serious, hardcore type of guy the image works well. Regards, Huntsman
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whats the opinion on Papworth? i was looking to buy a Swaine Adeney Brigg portfolio and came across the name. i use tumi a lot and they're very functional but they're not as elegant.
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They are made by the same factory that makes SA. They are also owned by SA. Last I heard that SA will sell them in their store, and cease supply to departments stores. It is supposed to be a notch below SA.

I like Bill Amberg's bridle work. Check them out.
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