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Some food for thought: Greenberg Interview Jon. I'll probably post my own little commentary later...
It seems if she is trying to produce an American version of Colette or 10 Corso Como.
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I found Debi to be very direct and no-nonsense, and I do not consider that to be a negative. I'm not as knowledgable about jeans, outerwear etc., but when it comes to the high end tailored clothing and accessories, Louis cannot be compared to anyone else. Sure, you can buy a lot of the BRANDS elsewhere, but not the way Louis orders them, which means they are not even close to the same product. And in most cases, the Louis versions are superior to just about everything else out there. For instance, they are selling incredible sportcoats and suits from Barbera, Kiton etc - everyone else sells Barbera and Kiton, but not in the same slim, short and super-soft model. It's a really great coat...
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I've never met Debi, and my interest is primarily in sportswear rather than high end tailored clothing and accessories, so I'll defer to A. Harris on both counts. And their sportswear collections are certainly impressive, both on the second (more conservative) floor, and the third (more avant garde) store; but as a store billed as an industry leader in terms of introducing new blood, I think that it certainly lags well behind Maxfield and Ron Herman (both L.A.) And Maxfield's reputation does not suffer because it carries Prada and Helmut Lang, nor does Ron Herman because it's jean bar stocks even ubiquitous brands like Paper Denim. Exclusivity is not everything. Like A. Harris pointed out, good buyers with an eye for quality is. Sometimes, brands become staples because they stand head and shoulders above the competition. I don't think that Louis needed to drop Paper Denim and now Rogan just because they are now more widely available
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Good point, excellence should trump exclusivity.
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There's a fine line between cutting-edge and going over the edge---Anyone remember Charivari in NYC? It would be unfortunate if Louis Boston were to fade away because of "Debi"
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