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Help! Dress Code 'Evening Wear'

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Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker... I'm in need of some assistance!


I'm 24 years old, and I recently found out I'll be attending my Uncle's 60th birthday next month. The dress code is 'Evening Wear' & it's being held at a venue where wedding receptions are often conducted. I need it spelled out for me: does this sound like tuxedo territory? I'm starting to feel a little hot under the collar because I have nothing in my wardrobe that approaches that caliber. Of course, I want to make a strong impact, but I'm only willing to spend a few hundred bucks if I can get away with it.


I saw this on ebay... It's cheap, a hundred bucks, & Italian made... But I've never heard of the brand (Lebole Uomo?). There are no measurements provided but I'm usually a medium/40/50 and I have a decent tailor. Do you think it might work sans vest?


The only 'nice' shoes I own... Church's derbies in burgundy. Am I right in thinking these are utterly inappropriate?


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Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

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he's your uncle, ask him what he had in mind with regards to the level of formality.

as to the rest of it:

there are no measurements provided with the suit. that right there is a total non-starter. don't buy used or online stuff for yourself in a pinch, and especially don't do it when you have no clue how it will fit.

the shoes are not appropriate for formal wear.
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Ask the man - if he is so vague he should expect questions. Secondly forget that suit (if that is not to charitable a word. Blue with a black shawl collar resembles something the band or a waiter might wear, certainly not a guest.
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