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I prefer simple furnishings for my own home (we're going to decorate the new apartment in a sort of Tuscan/Mediterranean style); but, I don't think anyone can deny that baroque isn't awesome to look at.
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^^^ awesome to ride in, too . . .
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Not a fan at all, I think it is tacky and gaudy. The excessive use of gold reminds me of something Donald Trump, the king of tacky, would have in his home.
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We have to distinguish real and true Baroque from Trump-tastic Baroque and the sorts of things one might see in a Saigon karoke bar. The fake, new Baroque is cheap, inferior quality and totally inappropriate for any occasion save a bonfire.
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Originally Posted by MCsommerreid View Post
I prefer Victorian, seems like a nice middle ground between grandeur and spartanism.

However, if I were forced to choose between minimalist modernist or baroque, I'd go with baroque. Modern is good, but minimalist modern seems to take it to a far extreme that it pointy and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, of course, extreme baroque is just busy and head spinning. Too much opulence going on in one place. Ceiling and wall murals on everything, gold plated/painted walls, cornices all up in the indoors, seems to be silly to me.

Victorian has none of the gravitas of Baroque. It's generally rather fussy.
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Agree that Spanish Baroque is particularly fascinating. And don't forget the literature of the period, especially the feud between Gongora and Quevedo.
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Rococo seems particularly suited for garden buildings and other more "plein air" entities.

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Yeah Baby!
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Just remembered a quote from my Western Civ teacher last year:

"If it ain't baroque, don't fix it."
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As JS Bach is my favorite comoser- period- no one comes close, then I guess I like baroque. But as far as decor is concerned I would lean towards George III and at the other end of the style scale, Arts and Crafts.
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