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Does anyone know how the shirts fit? They look slim in the pictures. I am concerned that the sleeves won't be long enough. Edited to add: Regardless of the sleeve fit, I ordered a couple shirts. And a couple hankies. And some cuff links. I think my credit card just burst into flames.
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Wow, I'm sorry I was gone all day and missed some of the best stuff. Excellent post, I know this stuff is trendy, but I for one dig it. I don't have the capacity, but there'd be some good ebay flippage potential, the Brits pay out of range for some of this stuff.
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Heh I think I might cave in and order some cuff links on top of what I've ordered already. What do you guys like among the selection? I'm thinking about either the traffic lights, one of the nudie holograms, or the shirts, any thoughts. The peace signs have great color schemes, but seem too hippie for me. Re: shirt fit: I haven't tried one on in my size, but as I mentioned earlier I was told "slightly slim" as to the cut. I'm a 15.5 and he said the sleeve length for that size was 34", if that helps.
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The main line shirts are ultra-slim, but there is only one main line shirt on that site - I would say "slightly slim" is pretty accurate for the London line (which all of the other shirts are).
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Bryce, what are the other differences between main line and London shirts? I saw a few main-line striped shirts at Neiman's that looked exactly the same, and with the possible exception of cut, the only difference I could see was that the main line's had that neat contrasting fabric on the inside folds of the cuffs, where as the London's did not. That was somewhat disappointing, but I really wanted a green striped shirt, so I decided to deal.
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The main line shirts are higher quality - they have nicer fabrics, single-needle stitching, and shell buttons, whereas the London shirts have plastic buttons and double-needle stitching. The main line shirts are also quite a bit slimmer than the London shirts and they are usually in wilder patterns. Finally, the insides of cuffs are usually striped in contrasting colors or else have some kind of design feature (i.e. a picture of a car or a naked lady or a bunch of math equations).
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 What do you guys like among the selection?
I don't like the cufflinks with the little flip-bar thingies on the back as they're unsuited to my profession. I ordered the leather and silver ones in the orangy-salmony-peachy stripe. I like them 'cause they are leather and 'cause they close right around both ends of the cuff. I ordered the orangy ones because I have a lot of blue shirts, if I had less blue and more pink, lavender, and green, then I'd get the blue striped ones. I also ordered the green and green stripe shirt and the pink and red stripe shirt. I got them in a 15. I suspect the sleeves are going to be too short though. Hopefully I can get them lengthened.
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