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Full cut pants

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I was looking at a pair of pleated, full cut pants the other day and just wondered what the consensus was about this style? I don't have a picture, but they were very urban-style, NBA player getting off of the plane look if you can imagine. Bradford
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i'm not keen on that look, personally. i like flat (plain) front trousers. either vertical or horizontal pockets, depending on the situation. the multi-pleats look a little...(no offense)...slick? like the guy in the marketing department who wears italian suits of almost zoot-suit proportions, while the rest of the company, um, doesn't. /andrew - has cleared his closet of pleats
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While I don't mind pleats -- indeed, I have been coming around to the view the last month that pleats look more classic and gentlemanly (though I look perfectly good in flat front pants) -- I can't say I am a fan of the full cut. I had a suit with pleated pants where the rise was very long, and yet not meant to be worn high-waisted, and were cut very full in the legs. Looked awful with the jacket, which was much slimmer. I sold the suit on Ebay.
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I think it comes down to two details - the rise, and the leg opening down by the ankle. Once you start getting into pants that hang very low, with a long rise, but sit low on the hips (as johnnynorman said), and have tapered ankles but billowing material in the legs, then you are into zoot suit, NBA player style. However, pants with a long rise, which are meant to sit high on the waist, with a non tapered ankle are very 1930s classic style. They were called "bags", and were very popular back then. The bottom leg opening was often as wide as 22 inches, which is much wider than today's trousers. Not for everyone, but I think they have a certain appeal.
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I really like the fuller-cut trousers with form-fitted db suit jacket look. That having been said, I would only wear fuller-cut trousers if they were made of substantial material that wouldn't flap around annoyingly when I would walk in them.
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I personally cannot stand full-cut trousers - the slimmer, the better, the way I see it. It frustrates me greatly to see fashion designers with runways full of baggy trousers. Have you guys seen the Emporio Armani designs (F/W 2004 I think)? It's like a circus, its some of the ugliest stuff I've ever seen.
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There is a sample for you.
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Full legged trousers can look pretty good (check out John Varvatos' first collection.) They worked because they were 1) cut *very* slightly tapered - really closer to being straight legged, 2) flat front, which makes the look cleaner, and 3) substantial material (tweed, wool flannel or corduroy) to give body and weight, unlike those Emporio Armani pants.
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There is a sample for you.
Whoa.. That guy is totally MC Hammer in a breeze.
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