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If it's any consolation, a friend of mine from high school has ears that stick out quite a bit - his nickname at school was "wingnut". However, he has the highest success rate with stunningly attractive women of any man I know.

Agreed. I would rock this, hard. Kinda like if I had a red 'fro.
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OK So I always had proturding ears. I got picked on alot as a child and even some when I was older. ...(I am only 30 now, but you get the point) I couldn't afford surgery and wanted desperately to get my ears pinned back. I have very thick long hair and I was having to wear it down all the time. What I did was to pierce the top of both ears. In one ear, I wore the smallest earring I could find which was barely noticable, that way no one asked why I pierced both instead of the ever so popular, one! The backs for my earrings twist on so they don't come off so easy. I pulled a small piece of hair through the backs of the earrings and tied or clipped it to another piece. This would in turn pull my ears back. You can adjust how tight you want to pull the hair which in turn adjusts how much the ears pull toward your head. After you do this, you can pull a piece of hair behind your ears and no one will even notice what you have done...except for you! Good luck.

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That's one of the odder first posts ever, but the technique might be helpful to some. Careful not to tighten the hairs too much, or they eventually will be permanently damaged and lost.
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Question - what is the recommended price range for the surgery?

My issue isn't that my ears protrude, but rather that they are huge. Even if you pin them back, you have enormous ears that are pinned back a bit, but the difference is minimal. You hear a lot of about ear pinning, but I don't even know if ear reduction is possible.

Any tips or insight would be much appreciated!
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Ears can be made smaller, but it's probably a bad idea except for large earlobes and unusually wide ridges. Ear pinning makes more than a "minimal" perceived difference in ear size. Hair style can affect the perception, too.
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What is the cost of such a procedure? I'm guessing insurance did not pay as it was cosmetic?

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Part of the splint is then taped back against his son's head to assist his ears to sit back. This approach apparently works quite well with young kids - I have heard (apocryphally) that it has about an 80% success rate. However, I think that it works best with children as their cartilage is still very soft. I don't know how well it would work with adults. Otoplasty sounds like quite a straightforward procedure - I think that it only requires day surgery, although you will have to go under general anaesthetic.


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Otoplasty can be done in-office, with local anesthesia.
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