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Hah--that's funny. I live right up the hill from you guys.

I'll make the walk down to your place when I get home. It looks like I don't walk around Coventry enough!
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Check it out!
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+1 for Stel's. I always go there when I'm in Boston and am wearing a shirt from them right now.
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our webstore is officially open now!

styleforum discount code is available too!

brands may appear a tad sparse, but on monday we will be adding, g star raw, j lindeberg, more rag and bone, more oak, more everything!
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What is the coupon code?
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totally creative
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Damn, you guys really do have the cheapest prices on Nom stuff. I picked up one of each piece at $0.0 Just kidding, but you might want to get that fixed.
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Heh - I just sent him a PM on that.

I took the order process all the way through to completion - it says you need to call for NDG pricing in the description. I didn't think it would "accept" something with a $0.00 price.
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good lord, i know right

the add to cart button shouldnt be enabled.
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some new rag & bone, jl, s2a all uploaded

but im workin on our deep discount sale stuff from s2a, jl, and nico to be uploaded asap!
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Fix the Affiliate link ontop so it'll link to the e-store instead of the brigade blog. Thanks.
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I'm interested in the RB6, are they selvage?
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yes they sure are
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I see that you guys list two options per a number in the scrollbar for the size selection. I'm assuming the top number has a smaller inseam while the second has a greater one. Are they 32 then 34? Thanks
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