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Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
you're coming off as a total dick, no offense.

you can't be a dick and have a business.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this. It seems a little weird to insult your customers when you're trying to grow a business.
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clearly you missed the point

the point is simple

you only see one side of the story every single time, i dont have the time to defend us on a daily basis.

in addition, its the internet, no one seems to ever talk about all the good service, etc they recieve.

so thats all im going to say. ill just start posting the screen captures of when i issue credits, so theres no issue anymore.

and the inventory will be about 7x more accurate starting in feb. so that will end any other issue, especially since we are not doing ANY special orders anymore

not trying to be a dick. more like just "matter-a-fact-ly."
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People praise self edge, denimbar and peasant all the time. Those threads are like big circle jerks.
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I've never dealt with Brigade, but after having been on the forum for a few months and reading a ton of posts before deciding who to order from, I decided that it definitely should not be Brigade.

It seems like most of the people are pretty satisfied with him, but anytime someone has a problem, this guy pawns it off on someone else. "Don't talk to me, we got dicked by B.son... and s2a... and these guys... and those guys"

Dude seriously, to run a business you need to man up. Take some blame for some mistakes. A lot of people are going to respond better to "oh i'm sorry man, i fucked that up" than they are when you give them the runaround.

Man. The. Fuck. Up.
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Originally Posted by justin hustle View Post

i keep all paperwork, im very anal like that

You should try being anal when it comes to your customers orders.
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
People praise self edge, denimbar and peasant all the time. Those threads are like big circle jerks.

yeah, i was gonna say. no other affiliate thread here is close to the shitstorm this one is. i've ordered from several forum affiliates based on the feedback in their respective threads; i won't order from brigade for the same reason.
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The time I ordered from Brigade I had a PM exchange with Justin about holding an item and he was very responsive and quick to help. Shipped it out later that same day.
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any single person that thinks im attempting to pawn off something on someone else has never dealt with us or me.

what i have never made public is the simple fact of some serious inter-company issues involving honest, accountability and most importantly, lack of responsibility.

from hence forth, i am the only one who will ever help you on web store things. end of story, and end of topic.

so, i can apologize only for how short ive been on this site lately.

i think that youll see in the coming months all the issues you could have will be gone.

if you have an issue currently, just email me, dont post it here. mainly because i cant reference it to help solve it unless you give me personal info you dont want on here.

and, i cannot talk you out of buying from whomever you choose to, nor would i ever try to. but there are very many people who have never had a single issue with us, nor us with them.

the small tiny issues people are having have mainly came from communication breakdowns, and that is something i find very troublesome on our end especially.

so rest assured, i am making all the moves necessary to fix these things.
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I bought two things from brigade before. Everything was fine for me.
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stil work?
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I've ordered from pretty much all the SF affiliates except for (WW, Dressspace, and Uncle Otis) and never had any issues with Brigade. In fact I found the service to be quite good. Communication has been great, and the site has improved leaps and bounds. Running an online shop is a learning process and shit happens. Re-reading the old posts on this thread is funny to me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I can't comment on their experience. But these guys are great, as are most of the other affiliates here.
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Is there a coupon code for SF members? Or a coupon code generally?
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this is an old thread

their official thread is here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/58316/brigade-affiliate-thread/510#post_5371415
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