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Henry Bucks Sale in Melbourne

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Some good deals to be had.

Details here.

Includes 50% off Canali, Zegna, C&J, Pantherella and others.
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Well I swore I wouldn't, but I went along anyway. The saying about the Henry Bucks sale is that they reduce their prices to the merely outrageous. That was pretty true here. They had some nice T&A, H&K and Canali business shirts that were deeply discounted, but still way above what you could BIN them for on eBay. Ties similarly; I saw a nice Breuer, marked down to "only" $85. No thanks. I saw a couple of Canali belts at a price I'd pay, but not the style I was after,, and the Pantherella socks they were discounting were boooring. It looked like I was going to escape with no wallet damage, until I wandered over to the shoes ... Long story short, I bought a pair of C&J chocolate brown suede loafers for $195. These are the Kent model. I believe they are just bench grade, but the price was half the P. Lal price, so a good deal nonetheless.
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Spot on.

Their sale was a joke this time and from the amount of merchandise still unsold I am not surprised. I always buy something on sale usually their house brand Italian ties that are like Canali quality but not this time. High priced crap. AUD10 more than last year and 1/3 the quality. They are still selling stuff DJs style where it is so old and gone round again it has finger marks on it.

What is happening with this firm?
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