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re-weaving damaged area on suit

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I had an unfortunate incident (fell down the stairs) which caused a 1 in x 1 in L-shaped tear/gash on the sleeve of one of my suits, between the elbow and the sleeve buttons (but closer to the elbow).

My Zegna guy recommended that I get it re-weaved, and offered the name of a place here in L.A. that they recommend. I'm sure that he's good if he's recommended by Zegna, but he's clear across town and he won't give me an estimate without looking at it first.

Does anybody know:
a) How much (roughly) it would cost?
b) How noticeable it will be when it's all said and done?

FWIW: The suit is charcoal with aqua-blue pin stripes. Fabric is Zegna High-Performance Micronsphere (N-grade for all of you Zegna knowledgeable types who care about these things).

Any insight would be appreciated.
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Fabric weave and pattern is the wild card, that's why they want to see the damage before giving an estimate. Were it a solid flannel, I'd guesstimate $100. The Supers and high-tech weaves will push the price up. I'd be prepared to pay $200 and hope to be pleasantly surprised by a lower price.

As for how noticeable the repair will be, it really comes down to the skill of the reweaver and how accommodating the fabric is. The fact that the area of the damage is in a less than prominent location is to your advantage. Also, while tailors and dry cleaners will often offer reweaving services, there are only a handful of top flite reweavers in America and I don't know if LA is home to one. As an option, I would recommend Without A Trace, you won't find anyone better and they offer nationwide sevice.
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I would second the recommendation of Without a Trace in Chicago. I have sent work there before.
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Thanks for the detailed info and for the recommendation.

Once I figure out what I'm gonna do, I'll report back. I'll take some before and after pics too.
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