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If you are ever in Tuscany, Cantarelli has a factory store. Not much more than a room and really in the factory. I think their sample size is 52. I was there right after a trade show and you could have gotten plaid coats in every color under the sun in that size. Unfortunately, my 52 days are long over. I picked up 3 suits, two were summer suits with 3 buttons and patch pockets, and one sounds pretty close to what Johnny is describing. It was two years ago and I think the Euro was around 90 cents. Back then the 550 euro for the Loro Piana looked like a steal. Now you can do as well or better at BB. Great cut.--not the handwork of the StAndrews, but the cut works better for me than StAndrews for a lot less jack. If you are ever in NYC, check out the Caraceni suits and sport coats at BG.
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*does a double take* Did you say Caraceni? koji
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I'd like to take a look at the Caraceni items at BG. How long has BG carried Caraceni? I was just in NYC, and visited Bergdorf, this past June. (kicks self) I'd also like to take a look sometime at the Gianni Campagna line carried by the store on Bloor in Toronto. I don't know that anything will take me to Canada for a while, though.
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How long has BG carried Caraceni?  I was just in NYC, and visited Bergdorf, this past June.  (kicks self)
I was there in July and spent a good while on the 2nd floor (disappointed in the Barbera sale items). However, there was no Caraceni there. Must be a typo.
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I think Barneys may be using Caraceni as a private in-house rtw label, the same way they used Huntsman a few years back. I've seen a few items at a discount place here in SF--ties, an overcoat, pants--and they were all really top-rate, made in Italy with very distinctive styling. The pants were especially nice and I would take them over Incotex any day of the week. I've seen too few bespoke Caraceni items to offer an informed opinion, but my impression is that while the quality cues might be taken from Caraceni bespoke the styling cues come from somewhere else. BTW, the BB Isaia jacket is really nice. I haven't had the heart to step in there for at least a decade.
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I could be way off, but are you guys talking about Cifonelli instead of Caraceni??
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Well, you're not way off as far as my observations are concerned. I was indeed talking about Cifonelli. Very nice clothes, but not Caraceni. I actually have an old Caraceni (Rome) jacket from the 1950's. Unlike many clothes of that vintage, there's very little about the jacket that would make you think it's pushing fifty. I'd be quite interested to know if there actually is a rtw Caraceni line at BG or anywhere else. Thanks for the correction.
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Cifonelli is indeed nice RTW. It was a bargain when it first came out, but has since gone up to the point where it's not such a great deal. Except for the slacks I think. The line is made by Nervesa. I've seen a couple of RTW Caraceni jackets before, but they were cheap fused junk. I don't think that anyone besides Campagna has done a nice RTW Caraceni line yet, but I could be mistaken. Along the same lines, the Arnys RTW line is supposed to come back in a big way. Anybody seeing it yet?
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My bad. I meant to say Cantarelli,not Caraceni or Cifonelli, thouigh the Cifonelli stuff is nice, too. BTW, I have never seen Caraceni off the rack. I own a Rome Caraceni suit--amazing handwork, not the best cut or fit, Perhaps getting 3 fittings in 5 days isn't he way to proceed.
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