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Shoe trees for sneakers

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This will sound silly, but how many of you put shoe trees in their sneakers?

Obviously, this is not to have them hold their shape, but perhaps to absorb odor.

I was thinking of putting Epics in sneakers where they will not do any more damage. Incidentally, I had the opportunity to compare them to an Edward Green tree, and they are roughly the size of a UK 8E/F tree, except the wide heel and waist do not taper at the bottom to conform to beveled waists.
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It does sound silly.
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If it goes on my feet it gets trees. My "retro" ones get a normal tree, more athletic styles I use the type with the spring. And yes it does feel a little silly.
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if you want to prevent odor you may want to buy those little ball thingys they sell at champs/footlocker/etc that "absorb" odor and give it a nice new scent. probably cheaper too.
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Yeah, I know it's an expensive solution but I have useless Epics sitting here that are dangerous when put in my dress shoes.
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IMHO sneakers arent a long term investment so I dont use trees in them. At best they last 5 years and they aren't resolable Some people buy rare shoes as an investment or to collect. but in those cases they dont even wear them, so again, no need for a tree. I have a ton of sneakers too.
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Why did you say the epics were dangerous for your dress shoes? Were they too large?

Cedar shoe trees are abit of a luxury for sneakers but you might as well put the epics to use rather than have them lying around.
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Too wide at the lower waist and heel; stretched out shoes and made them too loose.
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You can always have the waist and heel sanded.
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