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You can find them here: They do look pretty nice.
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I don't get snow where I live but I'm wondering whether the Clarks DB will hold up in snow at all? Will it be as bad as leather sole shoes in snow?
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Wore my DBs in the first snowfall of the season earlier this week. The water and the cold seeped through the sole stitching and made me quite uncomfortable. I'm wearing my hiking boots for the rest of the winter.
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Originally Posted by converge View Post
Anyone see these in person?

"Brown Antiqued"

More pictures, and also available, at For The Greater Good in DC.
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I got a pair of brown vintage leather clarks....the link ahjota provided shows a pair in the "antique tan" colour..........if you were to get one, brown vintage looks much better in my view.......both are new can get good pics of them on Rakuten site.
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^^^ "Antique tan", huh? FTGG calls it "antique leather brown", so I assumed it was the same as the villageshoes Clarks.
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I have those antique brown DBs, and I really like the look of them. The pictures that have been posted are pretty much exactly what they look like. I used some mink oil on them yesterday and they look a tiny bit darker now and with a more dull finish, similar to the beeswax color that has been discontinued. I'll try to post a pic in the next couple of days. I don't have a camera but my fiancee took a couple of pictures of me while I was wearing them, so you will at least get a little bit of an idea.
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I have and really like the sand suede, but the antiqued leather and beeswax are also great looking colors.

I'm curious, do you all tie your boots snugly when you put them on? I needed to run out to the garage today and didn't feel like lacing up my Katahdin boots so I grabbed my DBs. I noticed that if I tied them really loosely I can slip them on and off which makes them wonderfully convenient footwear when you're in a hurry or only need them on briefly. Anybody else use their DBs this way?
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so it seems like the beeswax ones are no longer made, correct? I just saw these at onlineshoes....

but they don't have them on zappos. how similar do you guys think these are to the beeswax ones? The photos are kind of poor quality...
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I can't decide between the Antique Brown and the Beeswax Brown (found a pair online).
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Beeswax ARE made, however they're currently on backorder. I received this info in an e-mail from Clarks (edited my previous post where I said they were discontinued).
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I found some beeswax online from a company in Colorado, but when I called to place my order they said they were sold out (sigh.) However, they checked and stated Clarks will be coming out with a new shipment in February. If anyone knows a place selling some 10.5's please PM me.
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I've seen the beeswax randomly at some Urban Outfitters stores. Nothing on their website, but you could just call a few and check. Although the store I was at in Vegas only had 9.5 and 10. For what it's worth...

I also was at the Clark's store in Cabazon and they had the sand desert boot for 69.00. I asked this guy if they could order the Beeswax and he said yes. He pulled out their newest catalog (less than a month old) and it show the beeswax finish available for the desert boot....He gave me his card: Jon LeMieux: 951-849-6660. Give him a call.

Hope this helps.
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Journey's has the leather beeswax IN STOCK. I'm not sure what their online inventory is like but they are indeed in stock at the retail stores. I think most malls I've been to across different states have a Journey's store, so check them out. But at least in the city where I live they have them because I've gone in and tried them out to verify this.
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edit: i know of a spot that has beeswax desert boots pm for info
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