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Has anyone tried to color the sole darker so that road dirt from walking isn't as noticable on the crepe?
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I like the sand. They're on my wish list.
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I like the look of those beeswax boots. I have the brown suede boots. I like them. I've found the trick to wearing them is to not care if they become a little beaten up. If I did, I'd constantly be brushing the suede.
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Anyone know where to find the Beeswax leather boots? Zappos doesnt have them anymore and I havent been able to find anyone else.
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^seconded i've been looking for a couple months now, seems like they're all gone as clarks stopped making them.
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They had them at the San Diego Clark store at UTC a couple weeks ago.
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It's strange that the beeswax desert boots have vanished like this. But villageshoes says they'll be getting some stock in at the end of july, so maybe they'll start reappearing soon.
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I like the sand colored ones myself. We used to wear them back in high school (ancient history) with trim and somewhat short jeans including white jeans. They never looked "right" until they got broken in.

Best of all, they are comfortable!
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I too like the sand ones, though beeswax looks great with wear. My opinion on clark's is just wear the hell out of them and let them get dirty and messed up. They look better that way anyway.
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Grey Suede for life
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Brown leather, cola suede and grey suede are the best. Especially cola. I own all three and wear them with jeans, moleskin, cords and even wool trousers.

I do not like the dark brown suede or black suede.
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I have a pair in the sand suede and the beeswax and I love them both. Get compliments on each all the time. I can pair either with jeans or chinos and they look great with both. I got both at the Clarks store in a local mall so that might be your best bet. One of them I even ordered and had shipped to my house so you could try that method.
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I have the Beeswax leather ones. I love them.

I want to get my hands on the grey ones, but the way I treat my shoes they will be dirty and beat up in no time
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I like/have the dark brown (cola?) suede and grey suede. Both are awesome. I also wouldn't mind owning a lighter brown suede. I have the Desert Treks in beeswax leather.
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What is the difference between the sand suede and the grey? They look very similar to me.
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