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Hair advice

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Hey just looking for some advice here is my hair normally, (bad drunken pic, but all i have) i want to gear my hair to start looking like this though generally my hair is sweaty and thick, even though on most days i shower twice and use conditioner twice any suggestions where to start, should i get it cut a certain way first, products? anything?
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Find someone who is good with razor cuts. You need to have your sides/back thinned out with a razor or texturizing shears, while keeping as much length as possible. Someone who is good will know how to do this. Depending on how big your hair gets, you may want to consider having a mild relaxer to take out some of the body you have (which the look you want doesn't have). I think you should try just rinsing your hair and not shampooing as often as you are doing now. Try Super Skinny serum by Paul Mitchell.
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dude, freal? you just helped me out alot, b/c my hair is a pain in the ass, most people who have longer hair can naturally pull it off and i've been wondering what the hell is my problem. Your suggestion with that serum combined with a little research just changed my whole outlook and is gonna ultimatley help me out, thanks man a question though, is there a difference between using the "super skinny serum" and the "super skiny shampoo"?
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it looks like that now, other then that guys hair is longer
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Originally Posted by Soldier21921 View Post

a question though, is there a difference between using the "super skinny serum" and the "super skiny shampoo"?

Yeah, you'll get more results from using both, but the serum is more important than the shampoo. Try wearing a stocking cap on damp hair (until it's completely dry) or a doo-rag to see if you'll like the results from getting a relaxer. You aren't too far off length-wise from the pic, you just have a totally different texture than he does. Razoring-out excess bulk may be enough for you to be happy, but if not, try the straightening.
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I think you have some curl to your hair & should work with that. You should check out the website 

how to maintain healthy hair

/, & don't let the name fool you. People who perm, people who straighten, chemically & with heat or otherwise, & people who are wavy go to this site.

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Thanks Tammi for sharing this link. It is very beneficial specially for hair. I got many useful suggestions. Thanks a lot for this lovely post. Good to read this post.

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