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Paul stuart shoes....

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As long as I'm posting tonight (and askandy is down again&#33.... Who makes Paul Stuart Stuart's choice shoes? I really like this antique dark brown shoe, but I'm not sure if I want to pay this much for a Grenson-- or is it a Green? http://www.paulstuart.com/item_template.cfm?ItemId=824
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Grenson. Love the shoe, but it's not worth $675. Edit: I mean $625. Doesn't change the value judgment, though.
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I'm not an expert, but it looks an awful lot like C&J's audley.  I think I had heard that C&J made many of Paul Stuart's shoes. http://www.crockettandjones.co.uk/Ne...es/audley.html I suppose I would have to defer to jcusey....
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It's Grenson. koji
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I have to disagree with Jcusey (a rare occasion indeed) as I think that they are worth it. It's a most elegant last. Stunning shoes in person.
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I believe those are the Grenson Masterpiece line, (could be dead wrong) and if so, they are worth the sticker price, as they are just a shade below RTW Green or Lobb imo. koij
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They do look similar to C&J Audleys, which should run you about $400 from Plal, if you're looking to spend less than $625 for a similar-looking shoe.
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Well the Audley is a great looking shoe, but those Grenson/PS shoes are better looking. A more refined last. Comparable to the EG 888. And yes, they are basically Masterpieces, with slightly more detailing (half-black sole for instance.) I think I am going to email Pediwear and tell them that they need to sell Grensons on this last. I'll bet they'd be a hit.
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They are indeed Grenson masterpieces, with some subtle differences. I had spoken to the Paul Stuart shoe guy about these, and he said the only difference between PS and Grenson masterpieces is that PS uses a more supple and expensive leather that lines the inside of the shoe. He claimed they wear better and break in quicker with this leather.
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I have to disagree with Jcusey (a rare occasion indeed) as I think that they are worth it. It's a most elegant last. Stunning shoes in person.
Hmmph. See if I buy any more Vass shoes. I haven't seen any shoes on that last in person, and I agree that it looks very good in pictures. It's just that if I'm going to spend over $600 on English shoes, I'll probably spend a bit more and get some Edward Greens, especially when there's nothing unusual about the design. I have Grenson Masterpieces shoes (both Paul Stuart and regular), but they get a lot less wear than my EG shoes. That being the case, are the Grenson shoes really a better deal, at least for me? Not to disparage Grenson in any way -- they're very good shoes. I just prefer Edward Green, even at the increased price.
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Upon closer inspection of those pictures, I'm going to have to agree with Andrew in that, indeed, they are a bit better-looking. The Audley's a bit more curvy, while these shoes have that straight-edge chisel form going on. It's a little thing, though, and I only wish I had the extra $225 to justify getting these instead of the C&J's. Still, should I need another dark brown captoe oxford, I'll know where to look.
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One good thing this indicates -- Paul Stuart has finally updated its website. Looks like they have tons more stuff for sale and one doesn't have to call the store to order any longer.
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I guess this thread raises the obvious question -- does PS every put their shoes on sale?
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They do indeed have sales on their shoes. I think PS has sales twice per year. Get on their mailing list -- they send out great catalogs, as well as sale notifications. In the past, the sale did NOT carry over to the website; perhaps that will change in the future.
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Well, I think the shape of the last is a bit tricky to tell from the images. For one thing, a larger size will tend to make the shoe look slimmer and more elegant. I think the shoe on the Paul Stuart site is a larger size. It's also easy to distort the look of a shoe if you play games with closeup shots using wide angle lenses. After a long wait, Plal is finally shipping my Audleys (10E UK) next week. I'll post pictures when I receive them--I'll take care not to distort them too much. Montecristo
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