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Shirt Porn

There’s… many times of porn on StyleForum, if by porn you mean pictures of expensive clothing shot by cell phones. But perhaps the most niche thread – the most niche… taste – is expensive clothing, folded up and in plastic fresh from a bespoke maker. What did you think? You were the only person who waited to unwrap his new shirts because you wanted to savor the experience?


Rubinacci occupies a special place in the lore of StyleForum: some of the most storied posters from back in the day helped introduce the Italian bespoke house to the forum with their exceptional, extremely pricey clothing. Since then, Rubinacci has chugged along perfectly: creating wonderful bespoke clothing and remaining in the news with their sartorially flamboyant employees.

Ricardo Bestetti

What do you think of amazing bespoke shoes with an emphasis on exotic leathers? Ricardo Bestetti rocks it hard all the time, crazy style, with his beautifully lasted (and surprisingly affordable) bespoke shoes.