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First Black Lapel suit: fit check

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Lurker joining the well-dressed fray here.  I received my first MTM suit (and my first new suit in several years) recently.  Black Lapel navy microcheck super-slim 2-button SB with 5-button vest.  As I rarely have occasion to don a suit and have never owned such a slim fit before I could use your thoughts.  My first impression is that it fits very well.  It's snug but feels pretty natural and doesn't feel like it is straining or inconsistently tight and I have full ROM.  I cropped a little low but the collar sits on the shirt collar sits on my neck without excess gap.  Is the jacket a little too short or anything visibly too tight?  I'm generally aiming for timeless with a modern lean.


Thoughts on the blue (Proper Cloth) shirt also appreciated.


Thank you in advance.





Without jacket for vest and trouser fit:





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You'll get the best advice in the Tailors Thread.

For me the jacket is short overall. The rise of the pants or the length of the vest is off leaving that gap at the waist. The pockets typically bow like that if the seat is too tight, but since it is more flared on your right side, there may be other issues at play. Belts don't work with 3-piece suits, IMHO. There's a lot of other stuff to clean up, but I won't pretend to know left to the tailors.
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Thanks Hugh I've linked this thread there. Regarding the vest/pants gap, should you not be able to see the waist/button of the pants? (In this case the belt buckle.) I know you shouldn't see the shirt, which you can't or only just.

Hadn't heard opposition to belt with vest before but I suppose it does result in a lot of elements coming together in one place. I had the buttons put in for braces (because why not) and they fit my waist well enough they'd stay up on their own so I could just have the loops removed if I wanted.

The jacket does look borderline short to my eye but how much to add? I think the sleeves are fine as just shifting around I can get them to sit too low or too high vs. the shirt cuff. Maybe that means the sleeves are too tight to fall naturally.

You may be right about the seat but I'd chalk up the pocket asymmetry to my not standing perfectly straight. Maybe the overall lesson here is that aggressive super-slim results in super-sensitivity.

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Unfortunately that thread seems pretty dead. Any more advice would help a lot, thanks!
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