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Orvis sportcoats

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Ive amassed a nice little collection of harris tweed sportcoats over the years. Some Norfolk style, some not, and I wear them all fall in winter, mostly as outer coats. For years I have seen similar coats at Orvis, but never bought one. They seem nice, the price is always great, but I am unfamiliar with the construction of the coats. Seems $300-440 for a harris tweed sportcoat, made in the USA, is awfully low. What do you think? not that im complaining, id love to get one, just suspicious about the low price.
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Phil, I heard through a grapevine that Orvis recently bought a HUGE amount of Harris Tweed from the Kenneth Mackenzie Stornaway mills on Lewis (where most of Harris Tweed now comes from). That may, in part, explain the low price. Plus, Ben Silver's HT's last year were $495, so it doesn't seem too far-fetched that you might find one at Orvis' price. As long as the coat has the HT Authority label (with orb mark and certification number) on the inside of the coat, you can be pretty sure you'll be getting the real deal. Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the info. I had figured the Harris tweed was authentic, I was more suspicious about the manner in which the coat was made. Made in the USA coats, with somewhat pricey harris tweed, to me, would cost more that about $400. That is, unless, it was made poorly. I have other Orvis goods, and have always been happy with them. for comparison, a junky jos. a bank suit or one from the mens warehouse, costs about that much.
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Okay, I see what you mean. I don't think that coats are automatically bad if made in the US. But relatively speaking, I can understand your cautiousness.
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i dont mean that coats made in the usa are bad. far from it. my point is that the quality of coats made in the usa is generally good enough that a 400 price tag seems low, unless it was made really poorly.
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Does anybody know who's making these jackets for Orvis?
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i dont mean that coats made in the usa are bad.  far from it.  my point is that the quality of coats made in the usa is generally good enough that a 400 price tag seems low, unless it was made really poorly.
Be patient with me; I'll get it one of these days. Thanks for the clarification.
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As it happens, I ordered the charcoal windowpane (looks like red and burnt orange) a couple days ago.  Will report back on quality.  Expectations not high but figured - "super lightweight" Harris Tweed for $349 - how can one go too wrong?
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Received the Orvis jacket and a pair of corduroy trousers.  Have no experience with Orvis or with Harris tweed.  Orvis calls this material super lightweight but it is very heavy, stiff and scratchy.  Is that how all such tweed is, or does it indicate poor quality?  Will this Harris tweed get softer with wear?    Anyway, the jacket is cut boxy and is fused, as you would expect.  Buttons appear to be leather.  This garment might be perfect for posing, pipe in teeth, for the photograph on the back dust jacket of one's novel.  Am keeping it but, one thing is certain.  I'll not be wearing this in Florida much.
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Harris Tweed is scratchy.. Won't soften much with age, if at all. I like the jacket though.
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I personally don't like the "patented pocket system" in Orvis jackets. Orvis is about the same quality as J Crew or "old" Banana Republic. Nothing special, and the fit doesn't work for me. But the fabrics are the real thing. Quite beautiful. For anyone in SF, you can get used Harris Tweed on Haight Street at "Held Over" for about forty bucks for some nice coats, including Orvis. Mistah Lee: I prefer Donnegal tweed because it is much softer than Harris tweed.
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...those cords look SWEET. i suppose there's some wierd color thing happening with the camera/flash, but still i bet they're a nice red in person. they definitely sing with that jacket. another SF tip - the goodwill at mission & van ness has several harris tweeds on the racks; some herringbone, some plaid, some just 'tweed'-looking. maybe $11 each. /andrew
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