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Easy Questions

Sometimes your questions are so intense, so deep, that they require their own thread – but 95% of the time, simple questions are better answered elsewhere. For your simple sizing questions, and your basic queries, use this thread to avoid getting yelled at by more experienced posters.

Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell has been churning out his unique take on basic menswear for several years now, but only lately – with an expanded online store and consistent sizing – has he seemed to hit his stride. Learn where to find the best club collar shirts on the market, and what makes the seasonal field coats so damn good.

Blast from the Past

Sometimes older threads get strangely bumped, and this thread is a beautiful case in point. Four years ago (4!) poster crazyquik posted a CNN article about the practice of Chinese businesses hiring white foreigners to pose as businessman – and now, for some reason, it’s back. Why? Can you answer this mystery?